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YTB International Sued Out Of Business? MOR Vacations Rescues...

Aug 27, 2008
Recently, previous YTB (Your Tavel Biz) agents filed a lawsuit against the company. An affiliate of MOR Vacations is helping other YTB reps.

Kwame Thompson and Faye Morrison, former "YTB Internaional" affiliates, instigated the litigation. Over a thousand other affiliates are plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed in the Federal court in Illinois.

MOR Vacations can not help with the law suit, but it is helping representatives.

The lawsuit states that YTB International "purports to sell travel services, but their business is primarily based upon inducement of additional persons to serve as "travel agents."

$100 million dollar is the amount that the accusers are requesting as penalty.

Also, the California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Jr. has sued YTB founders for allegedly operating a pyramid scheme - damages at $15 million.

YTB independent associates can continue operating their travel busnesses by partnering with "MOR Vacations."

MOR Vacations offers a perpetual leverage pay plan:

1. $1000 commissions $1000 matching bonus bonus pool residuals

2. Get paid the above on unlimited depth and unlimited width

3. 100% financing on FICO scores of 449 (must be 18 with no bankruptcy)

4. Seven full days with your whole family and more in excellent lodgings start from $149...

5. Millions of people can easily drive to their vacation spot...

6. MOR Vacations memberships lifestyles are really high end...

7. Those who pioneer the start of the company enjoy many superior benefits...

8. MOR povides affiliates with a selection of tools they need to build their business...

YTB International distributors who are looking to continue their carreers with MOR can get in touch with MOR Vacations expert, Yvonne Chihak. They will receive:

Websites that convert visitors at a high rate...

2. Internet marketing training to explode their businesses - no need to drag reluctant friends and family members to hotel meetings

3. Live advertising and marketing training webinars - don't worry about training your team yourself

4. Positioning YTB big business builders with downlines in the most advantageous ways

5. Webinars and conference calls with other experts to explain MOR Vacations and the compensation plan

6. Teaching them how to work the pre launch situation of MOR Vacations...

"YTB International" repesentatives now have a viable way to continue buiding their business - and that's with MOR Vacations and Yvonne Chihak.
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