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Tips to Learning While on the Go

Aug 27, 2008
These days, it is nearly impossible to find someone who has a lot of time on their hands. For most people, a 24 hour day seems insufficient to get all the work done and to fit in other activities that one would like to do. When you think about the amount of time you spend traveling to and from work, you probably have so little left to unwind and do things you enjoy when you are at home. You most likely miss relaxing things like snuggling with a good book at the end of your day.

Now, thanks to modern technology and the wonders of portable music devices like the iPod, you can now enjoy the luxury of a good book and the latest news, even when you're on the go. The Apple iPod has definitely revolutionized the digital audio industry, bringing out versions like the Shuffle, Nano, and the iPod Touch. Music is not the only thing you can listen to, but even news, podcasts, and audio books.

Learning while on the go, now that sounds like a nifty idea! Even if you're riding the train to work, working out while jogging, or driving on those long trips, audio books in your iPod Nano will be more than just a source of info, but even entertainment. What's great about downlading audio books to listen to is that you don't have to carry your book around, and your hands are free to do other things. There are tons of other great benefits to getting audio books for your mp3 player or CD player.

For kids, audio books can help them enrich their vocabulary, learn the pronunciation and diction of new words, and even leave room for their imagination. Think of it as interactive story telling, without having a story book on hand. Plus, for busy people, audio books keep them up to date on the latest novels, or even on instructional language packs, even when they are out doing other things.

For visually impaired persons, audio books are ideal educational tools, too. Also, imagine how much paper you save by not having to print thousands of copies of a book! Storage of audio books is in digital format, and you can download them on your hard drive to listen to from your PC, burn them on CD's to give to friends, and even upload them into your iPod Nano or any other mp3 player for listening while on the move.
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Heather recommends getting an iPod Nano 8 GB to help you learn on the go. You can get cheap iPod Nanos online.
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