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Using Pay Per Click to Make Money Online

Aug 27, 2008
Can you actually earn something from every click of your ad? Yes, you can, but the success is completely dependent on how you hand your pay per click campaign. So how do you exactly make sure that it can generate profits for your business?

1. Get to know your business well. You will never be able to come up with compelling and high-converting ads if you know little of what you are selling. Besides, determining the ins and outs of your products and services will be your foundation all throughout your campaign. It will help you pick the right keywords, choose your target market, and create a unique selling proposition for them through your PPC ads.

2. Select the most appropriate keywords and phrases for your ads. PPC is generally all about keywords. After all, your ads would not show up in search engines and their other distribution channels unless Internet users will make use of the keywords you have chosen. Now not all best and high-ranking words are the most appropriate for you. If you settle for broad terms, for example, you will be up against huge and thousands of competitors. Definitely, it will take a while -- or even never -- before your target customers would get to find you. Be as specific and as descriptive as possible.

3. Test your ads. It is actually never enough that you have come up with good ads. After all, there is a huge possibility that it is only you who really gets the message. Make sure that you can test on the landing pages and the keywords that you used. Try as many as you can. This is how you can see which of them are performing really well and which ones need to be removed from your PPC campaign.

4. Monitor the performance of your PPC campaign. A number of people do not succeed in their pay per click marketing efforts because they simply forgot to keep track of the performance of their ads. The volatile online market allows fast changes in trends, especially on consumer behavior. Thus, there are some ads and keywords that would not work anymore in the coming weeks or months, and new ones will be discovered. Keeping track will make you ready for these changes.

5. Analyze the traffic generated by your ads. Depending on the traffic statistics alone will not give you the results that you need when it comes to PPC. The most important thing is that you are able to convert these clicks into profits -- you have actually convinced these interested Internet users to purchase products or avail of your services. Know where the high-converting traffic is coming from and concentrate much of your PPC efforts in this area.

It is fundamental for someone who is involved in pay per click campaign to give it 100% of their time and energy. Keep in mind that for every click made, you are going to pay for it. You would rather hope that it is going to be more of an investment for you than an expense, something that will give you great returns for your business in the long run.
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Greg is an internet marketer. He has come a long way, from drug addict in major debt, over $10,000, to young online business owner making 6 figures a year! You can get more info. on pay per click strategies at www.MeLoveMoney.com - Reviews Of Wealth Programs, Drop Shipping And More!.
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