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7 Proven Ways How A Mentor Can Help In Work At Home Internet Business

Aug 27, 2008
A good internet home business mentor is an experienced marketer, who can determine on what level a newbie is and can guide him through the first steps. To be successful in mentoring, a sponsor have to be good in communication and he has to be willing to do that.

A mentor must understand one thing very clearly, a newbie is in a very special state of mind during the start phase, normally extremely enthusiastic and in a hurry. But because work at home internet business is a know-how business, one the mentors jobs is to keep a newbie on a realistic level.

1. What Is The Level And The Target Of A Newbie?

The skills of work at home internet business will be built step by step, a new tip on the top of the old ones. This requires an ability to understand on what level a newbie is, what he knows and to where he is aiming to.

An experienced mentor, who has once himself been a newbie, can understand quite quickly these things, but it happens through honest communication. This basic research is the foundation for a mutual, fruitful co-operation, which can last for years. A newbie can on some day become a mentor of his mentor.

2. A Mentor Must Be Available Quickly And Often.

In many cases the first contact between the mentor and a newbie is the most important and a mentor has to build it. A work at home internet business newbie is too unaware about everything in order to be able to do that.

3. The Mentor Website Is An Important Source Of Information.

Emails and phonecalls are important but still the mentors website has a key role in communication and as an information storage. Especially the content site offers a 24/7 service for a newbie and he can check things whenever he wants.

4. A Free Material Is Effective In Learning.

A work at home internet business is a knowledge business and free material, ebooks, email courses, reports, tools etc., which are related to the topic, form an important source of information. When a mentor can recommend certain, specific digimaterial for a newbie and will give it for free, the relationship will be on a firm basis.

5. A Mentor Must Be Able To Give The Basic HTML Help.

In most cases a newbie needs also some HTML skills, which he does not have, so a mentor must be able to help him. Otherwise even small HTML problems can form a really big problem.

6. A Useful Mentor Have To Answer In 24 Hrs.

This is an unwritten rule. A newbie is dependable on the mentor and must therefore get the answers quickly. He has to have a feeling that there is somebody, who really wants to guide his new work at home internet business.

7. Honesty Is The Way To Success.

The work at home internet business is full of wrong advices and scams. A mentor must be so experienced that he can separate overpromises from the real, working information. He has to guide a newbie to pick the working and tested methods for his home business marketing.

A mentor - newbie relationship can be very fruitful and teach both parties. Because the Internet is based on relations, this kind of a relation is of the best quality and can lead to many forms of co-operation.
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