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M.O.R. Vacations Grows at an Insane Rate

Aug 27, 2008
M.O.R Vacations is growing at a remarkable rate. I have been in this industry for almost 9 years now. I have seen my share of companies, products and opportunities come and go. I have seen some big companies launch and have been amazed at the interest from some of them. But nothing could have prepared me for what is now happening with M.O.R. Vacations.

In my nine years I can honestly say I have never seen anything like the pre launch or MOR Vacations. Why is that? I have my own beliefs here. I will explain. I first looked at and heard of MOR Vacations on Tuesday Aug 12 2008. I heard from a friend that Johnny Bolton had left Global Resorts Network and moved to MOR Vacations. I was absolutely floored. Why would someone in Johnny's position pack up and leave everything he had created over the last 18 months? Keep in mind I have been a leader in GRN for the same 18 months.

I knew I had to take a closer look at MOR Vacations. I called Johnny personally and listened to his reasoning. It made sense there were know issues that Global Resorts Network had and corporate GRN was doing little to rectify. They knew we needed and wanted, financing, bonuses, meetings, and the list goes on. They failed to provide us with any of these items even after numerous requests from many leaders in GRN

After the economy went south and gas prices went up around March of 2008 I noticed a dramatic decline in sales with GRN. We were all struggling to make it. Except for GRN of coarse, which was making millions. They would not even repay us for all of our hard work by putting financing in place for us. A very simple request. Finally, 1 week after MOR Vacations was pre launched and financing was announced. GRN miraculously found a way to provide it's members financing as well. Seems the only issue they had was lack of competition. This to me and other top GRN leaders was like a kick in the face.

I feel there are some key reasons why MOR is taking off so fast. First is the controversy that Johnny Bolton created when he left his post at GRN for MOR Vacations. Second is the fact that it has a great product with a 23-year history and 100K satisfied members. Third I the fact that it is new, fresh, exciting, everyone wants to be at the top of the company. I am finding people form all over joining our team. Coastal, Cruise to Cash, YTB, Global Resorts Network, some of these people missed the launch of GRN and figure they are not going to make the same mistake again. The timing could not be better to become a part of something so huge.

Let me tell you a little about the results we have seen in the last 2 weeks. I started testing the waters on Tuesday Aug 12th. I still had not made a 100% decision that I was going to join MOR Vacations for sure. Lets jump to Thursday Aug 14th. My phone has not stopped ringing over the last two days. I had at least 10 phone calls from people saying they have already sent their money in and needed a sponsor. We could not keep up with the calls.

On Friday August 15th we made the decision that we were going to do this. The next week was simply insane. At least 25 people joined us instantly. The hype around MOR was the biggest thing I have ever seen. One day stands out on Thursday Aug 21st we processed 9 new memberships that we collected payment for and another 4 or 5 that sent their money into the company. That is at least 13 new members in just one day. Our team is still growing at an amazing rate I attribute this success to the tools, help and support we offer to our downline members. They have everything they need to be successful. All they have to do is take action.
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