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Business Startup - Running a Successful Spa

Aug 27, 2008
Does a Successful Spa Pay Off?

In today's world everyone's looking for a way to relax and get away from it all if only for just a bit. One of the ways that they are doing this is by visiting local spas. A spa offers them a chance to be pampered and feel like a queen or king even if it is only for a couple hours. They are willing to pay top dollar for this type of treatment and will always be willing to look elsewhere if they feel that they are not getting top treatment. So, how can you run a successful spa that will bring in the kind of income you are looking for? There are a few things that you must look at. The first is your laws.

Laws To Remember

As with all businesses there are laws that you as a business owner are bound to follow. Make sure that your spa is in compliance with the local zoning laws when choosing where to locate. Also make sure that you follow all state and federal regulations governing the products that your spa will be using. These laws are in place to make sure that the products and equipment are safe for you as well as your clients. By making sure that you are following federal and state guidelines concerning employees you will also help to keep your business out of trouble.

Hiring Standards

When you are hiring new employees for your spa you must consider what position you are trying to fill. Obviously, a receptionist and a nail technician are going to have totally different job skill sets. Make sure that you choose the right person for the right position. Also make sure that the person you choose either has the certifications needed for that position (for example massage technicians, etc.) or that you are willing to provide the training and certification opportunities for them. When looking for new employees consider trying several different techniques. Post your job openings in the paper, on the web, and with the local employment security office and you will get more responses than if you just stick a sign in the window.

Location is Key

One of the keys to running a spa successfully is choosing the right location. If you choose poorly you could be dooming your spa to failure within the first month or two. You want to make sure that your spa is located in a spot where it will get plenty of traffic. You should preferably locate near a high traffic public area such as a mall or near a set of office buildings. Once people spend long hours shopping or working they could walk past your shop and think, "wouldn't that be nice?" This is a very effective subliminal advertising method as well. By locating near a large college you will attract many young clients who are ready to spend their money rather freely to get the pampering they want.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

The client comes first. The client comes first. The client comes first. This should be the mantra of every business today. So many business owners today seem to be forgetting that without the client there is no business at all. They take it for granted that the customer will come back no matter what because they are the only game in town. Nowadays there are businesses right down the street offering the same services as you and that is what you are competing with. By making your clients feel satisfied and relaxed you will ensure that they return time and time again. This repeat business is also one of the keys to the longevity of your spa business.

Paperwork Paperwork Everywhere

Why do we have so much paperwork involved in running a business? For one reason it helps to cover us when tax time rolls around. The IRS requires quite a bit of paperwork to back up business expenses when you file the tax return for your spa. The state in which your spa is located can also require a good deal of paperwork as far as employee files, certifications, business licenses and permits are concerned. Another thing you must think about is the scheduling process that you are using as well. An ineffective scheduling habit can lead to double scheduling and slow business as well. You can now schedule clients through web based applications. This will definitely help to alleviate some of the burden you may be facing when you attack the paperwork mountain.

Now that you are up and running, you're all set. It may sound like there is a good deal of work involved in running your own spa, however there is no feeling like being your own boss. Keep the previous topics in mind and you will go far in the spa world. Running a spa can be a very lucrative career in today's "pamper me now" society.
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