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How To Promote Affiliate's Products

Aug 27, 2008
Sometimes you come across those business questions that just have you stumped or slow down your progress. Personally, this has happened to me, especially when I was just starting my online marketing business. Within this article I'm going to answer two of the questions I had about affiliate marketing, hoping to help you with your business success.

First question:

How should you promote someone else's product as one of their affiliates?

There are a number of different ways to promote somebody else's products. Using teleseminars is a very effective way. Using videos is another effective way. Doing solo email campaign, that is just as effective as well. So there are many different ways to do it.

You want to find the method that will have the best impact or response from your list. Personally, I like to do use teleseminars because it enables people to have interaction and allows you to really get across the value of the product you are promoting. Using video can allow you to have this option to and people respond very well to videos because they feel more intimate than an email. Videos are something I use for almost every promotion I do.

Another thing you might want to think about is sticking to promoting products that you have bought, used or received value from yourself. I make sure I do this only because that is the only way I would be able to give my evaluation and honest opinion of the product.

If I am promoting a product that I have not bought, received any value from or even seen, then I am recommending it without ever using it myself. It can put you in an awkward situation if you know nothing about the product. So for me, I only promote products that I have seen myself, used myself or benefited for myself and I would encourage others to do the same because then you can promote from a situation when, "Here's the product. Here's how I've used it. Here's the result that I've got. Here's how it can benefit you," and I think that is a much stronger pitch, if you will, as an affiliate than just saying, "Hey, I heard about this great product. Go, get it."

Video, teleseminar and email campaigns are three ways that you could promote someone else's product as an affiliate, but use your creativity and think about your market to know what may work better.

Second question:

When someone has an attractive list for what you are trying to sell, what would be a good percentage to offer that person?

This would vary and depend on your situation. Naturally, the more you are able to offer your affiliates and JV partners, the more it will work as an incentive to drive them to promote more. You have to remember to look at your situation though and how much you can afford to give away. Look at the product cost, time cost and things of that nature to figure it out and it may not be huge amounts every time.

Take some time, really think about how much you can afford to give away and try to maximize this as much as possible because affiliate and JV partners will be more interested the bigger the commission.

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