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Electrician Training - Lighten Your Career

Aug 27, 2008
An electrician is a person who is skilled in wiring your electrical home appliances as well as wire motors in industries etc. This profession needs a lot of hard work and skill. The presence of mind of an electrician is very important. These skills and knowledge can very be obtained by taking up courses which offer electrician training.

In this profession generally there are two departments to work with viz. construction & maintenance. In the construction field, an electrician works on wiring of motors, wiring for newly constructed buildings, homes etc. In maintenance field he has to look after performance of electrical appliances, motors, alarm systems etc.

To become an electrician one has to undergo a test which is conducted by the local government of the country. These electrician training courses are also offered by various schools, colleges, private organizations etc. Since electricians are in great demand people are getting more attracted towards this field. So, schools & colleges are conducting tests for finding out whether the candidate is capable of doing the course or not. They generally concentrate on the Eye-Hand co-ordinations, color sensing capability since connecting wires are generally identified by color. The weight balancing capability, physical fitness is also taken into consideration as this field involves physical hard work.

In electrician training, students start earning during their learning period itself. This period is called as "APPENTICESHIP". Duration for electrician training normally depends upon the area of specialization. The period of apprenticeship varies from few months to many years. In electrician training theoretical as well as practical knowledge is given. Roughly in a year's schedule 140 hours are allotted for classroom knowledge & 200 hours are allotted for practical purpose. Practical skill is given more importance than theoretical knowledge.

Making mistakes in this field can cause damage and so it is very necessary for the person to be 100% accurate. So during apprenticeship, the student must be very sharp to grasp things quickly & creative enough to solve problems. Apprentices must be good in mathematics, because at the place of sight one may need to solve such problems to find solutions. It is necessary for the student to be competent enough for handling new technological instruments.

After successful completion of the electrician training one can get a job in a company through the placement cell or find a job on his own. One may even start his/ her own business after completion of the course. Electrical safety is very important in this field. Data shows that minimum 600 people die due lack of electrical safety. So during working hours one has to be aware of danger & take all necessary precautions. Electrician can also become contractors on the basis of experience & working style.

We can thus conclude by saying that an electrician training will definitely benefit a person interested in becoming a successful electrician or setting his own business in this field.
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