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How To Design A Lucrative Squeeze Page

Aug 27, 2008
If you have an Internet business website then you are familiar with a squeeze page. A squeeze page is the most important page on your website. The squeeze page captures personal information and builds your client list. Proper design of your squeeze page is vital in order to maximize your client list.

Let's look at the design of your squeeze page in more detail. First, there are two different types of squeeze pages. There are short squeeze pages and long squeeze pages.

Squeeze page type #1: A short squeeze page. This squeeze page is at the top of your website. It does not go below the fold.

Squeeze page type #2: A long squeeze page. A long squeeze page goes down below the fold.

There are scenarios in which a short squeeze page is more appropriate than a long squeeze page. You would use a short squeeze page in a scenario where the Internet traffic does not know who you are. For example, Google Adwords would send you website traffic with website visitors that don't know who you are. Therefore, you would use a short squeeze page format the majority of the time.

How can you add strength to your short squeeze page? Put a testimonial in your short squeeze page. You website visitor will read the headline, sub headline, testimonial, and then the opt-in box. A testimonial helps to establish a business relationship with the website visitor. They are more likely to trust you and see the value in your product if you have a testimonial. Once they are impressed by your testimonials then you will prompt them to take action immediately. You will place your opt-in box right in front of them so they sign up for your list on the spot.

When would you use a long squeeze page? You would use a long squeeze page in a scenario that contains a joint venture. You will be working with another Internet entrepreneur. Therefore, they know you and are willing to read below the fold.

Do the colors you use on your squeeze affect conversion rates? Yes, colors matter. The two best colors to use are either a navy blue or black background on your squeeze page. These page colors have been tested against other background colors. Navy blue and black backgrounds prove to be the best choices for many situations.

However, there are some situations in which navy blue and black backgrounds are not appropriate. For example, you may have a website targeted towards women. In this case, a background of purple may be a good choice. Purple will touch the customer population much better than navy blue or black.

Another way to reach more customers is to provide a security statement. Below your opt-in box you should have a security statement that says you will not rent, trade, or sell any of their information. Make sure that if you put this text in that you abide by it. You might want to also add in an image that will encourage a website visitor to opt-in to your website. For example, you can add an image of a lock next to your security statement.

Utilize the power of these squeeze page tips to maximize the potential of your squeeze page. Reach out to more customers and prompt them to subscribe to your client list and buy your products.
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