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The Do's And Don'ts of AutoResponders

Aug 27, 2008
You have invested in an Autoresponder program such as Auto Response Plus. You are ready to work with the program and send out your first email. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you use Auto Response Plus. These Autoresponder tips are culled from the experience of Internet marketing professionals. Follow these tips to optimize your email marketing campaign.

"Do's for Autoresponders":
1. Do use your real name in your email address. Subscribers will build a relationship with you based around your email address. Therefore, if you real name and email address don't sync up a subscriber may become confused. They won't trust you if your own name suddenly appears in an email message when they are used to a different email address in previous email messages.

2. Do create a business relationship with your subscribers. Customers buy from people, not from companies. They are much more likely to buy your product if they trust and respect you as a person.

3. Do use plain text emails. Plain text emails have a much better chance of not being inadvertently swallowed up by the email spam filters. Avoid HTML emails at all costs. They are likely to be stopped by the email spam filters. Also many new email programs don't automatically accept HTML emails. Most customers don't know how to change this option in their email program. So they will not receive your email messages.

4. Do connect your squeeze page with your Autoresponder. This is crucial link that will connect your Autoresponder with your subscriber list. Auto Response Plus walks you through this process.
"Don'ts for Autoresponders"

1. Don't email subscribers after they unsubscribe to your list. If a person removes themselves from your email list, just let them go. If you ask them why they unsubscribed from your list or to let you know you remove them, then you are setting yourself up for a nasty response.

2. Don't spend money on programs that claim they can get all your emails through spam filters. Nobody can guarantee this. Auto Response Plus works much better then most of these programs.

3. Don't allow duplicate submissions. You don't want a subscriber to receive duplicate emails. Auto Response Plus has a feature that will avoid duplicate submissions.

4. Don't use a subscription confirmation. A subscription confirmation is an extra link the customer has to click on to be subscribed to your list. If they sign up for your list, just accept them. Otherwise they may not take the extra time to click on the subscription confirmation email link.

5. Don't be afraid to explore your Auto Responder Plus system. Do NOT change anything in the System section. However, you can fiddle with the other features. You can usually fix the features you have changed.
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