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Sequence Your Email Messages To Maximize Profit

Aug 27, 2008
Managing your email marketing campaign is more than just writing emails and sending them out. You need to determine what type of content or sales pitch you should put in each email. You also need to decide when you will send out emails. Timing is everything. You want to email your customer list at the right time to bring in the most profits.

Many Internet businesses think that they should send out emails on a set schedule. For example, they may send out emails once a week or once a month. While this may mimic the newsletters and magazines received by snail mail, it is not the best way to go. Instead, you should have an irregular email schedule.

When you are setting up your email sequence avoid sending weekly or monthly emails. You can run into problems. For example, let's say that customers are used to receiving an email on the 28th of each month. You decide you want to send another email this month and send it on the 14th. Many customers will not like this new extra email because they were used to just one email on a specific day each month. Customers may send you a nasty email in response to the change in schedule. Therefore, you want to avoid "training" your list into expecting a set schedule of emails.

Use an irregular email sequence instead. Send emails out when you want to. For example, you can send a second email two hours after the first. Then wait and send one out two days later. This will train customers to not have a set expectation for your email schedule. This allows flexibility for you.

Another benefit of a varying the times you send out your email messages has to do with name and brand recognition. You brand yourself and your website. Customers will actually remember your name better if you keep them on their toes. If you send emails on a variety schedule then they don't become bored with you. Sometimes if you send too many emails at once then they will take you for granted. They won't be as interested in your emails because there is no variety.

Following is an example of a proven email schedule from a highly successful Internet marketer.
Send out original email - Welcome to list or introductory newsletter
1 day later send out second email.
2 days later send out third email.
2 days later send out fourth email.
7 days later send out fifth email.
14 days later send out sixth email.
It is also important to note that the third and seventh messages tend to be the messages where people will buy. The other email messages focus on content. You don't want to solely provide content or solely sell to them. Mix it up. Entice your customers to buy on the third and seventh email message.

Follow these email sequencing tips and your profit will increase. Plus, you'll keep your customers on their toes waiting to see what you do next.
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