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How To Write a Google Adwords Advertisement

Aug 27, 2008
Do you have a Google Adwords account? Are you thinking of using Google Adwords, but not sure where to begin? Using a Google Adwords Internet marketing campaign will help you explode your profits. Google Adwords enables you to reach people that are actively looking for your product or service. It is an extremely effective way to target your marketing efforts while minimize costs. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step on this Internet marketing path.

Go to www.google./ads to sign up for your Google Adwords account. A Google Adwords account is free to create. The only time you pay Google is when an Internet visitor actually clicks on the link in your Google Adwords advertisement.

The main task you need to complete in Google Adwords is to write your advertisement(s). Many Internet business owners are stumped when it comes to writing this advertisement. Don't fret. Take your time and think about how you could sum up your product or service. You should have already written, or at least thought about, your company description. You may have this description already on your branding site and/or in your business plan.

Next you need to think of a shorter version that will sum up this product or service description in 15-30 characters. Google will guide you through writing your advertisement. They will let you know if your advertisement is too long and/or does not fit their advertising guidelines.

When you are thinking of what to write in your advertisement, think about the customer. What words would they type into the Google search engine? You want to make it easy for their search to match up with your advertisement.

Let's take a step-by-step look at writing your Google advertisement. First, you need to write the headline. The headline can have a maximum of 25 characters. It is important to note that spaces do count as characters. An example headline would be "Cheap Cruise Prices". Google will tell you if your headline is too long.

The second step is to type in your Display URL. The Display URL is what people see as the text for the link in the advertisement. You should capitalize the first letter in each word of your Display URL. Your Display URL does not have to be the same as your destination URL. The destination URL is the actual website address. Sometimes destination URL's are too long or complicated. Therefore, your Display URL would show text that is much easier to recognize. A customer is more likely to click on a URL that is easy to read.
The third step is to tell Google Adwords how much you have in your daily budget. Start out with a daily budget of $10-20. You also need to specify how much you are willing to pay-per-click. This is your "bid" amount.

Google Adwords will lead you through the process. There are many rules to follow. Google will prevent you from breaking these rules. The last thing to do is to activate your Google Adwords account through your email. Google will send you an email when you are finished creating your account. The account is not active until you reply to the email.
Google Adwords is easy to use. It can take your Internet business to the next level.
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