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Would You Win This Internet Millionaire Mindset Game?

Aug 27, 2008
Let's play a game. What would you do if you someone said to you, "I will give you $20 if you give me $5"? Would run up to grab the money? Would you immediately wonder what the catch was? The purpose of this game is to see how you react to the offer of a great opportunity.

You might be thinking that there is a catch to the game. The offer is too good to be true. This mindset can stifle our success. Great opportunities often are presented right to us, but we end up complicating matters. We are educated to believe that opportunities should be difficult and not easy. Therefore, when an easy lucrative opportunity presents itself we may not take action out of fear.

What advice do successful Internet millionaires follow? They know that you need to take action. You need to jump at these great opportunities. Stop any negative thoughts you may have.

You also have to be realistic with your goals. Don't write a goal of earning your first million in only three months. Start with a small goal such as earning $100 a month. Once you achieve this goal then increase your goal. This allows you to celebrate small victories. You will eventually accomplish your goal of $1,000,000. If you don't have small victories to celebrate then you may become frustrated and give up.

It may be more difficult to earn your first $100,000 online then to earn your first $1,000,000 online. Once you figure out how to achieve $100,000 it is actually easier to earn $1,000,000. It is easier because you can earn $100,000 ten times in order to earn $1,000,000. Essentially, you take your model for earning $100,000 and employ it ten times.
What are the costs of not having an Internet millionaire mindset? You won't be able to do things for the ones you love. When you are old you will regret the chances you didn't take when you were young. Having a millionaire mindset will enable you to avoid regret when you are older.

How many people have actually achieved success and become millionaires? Just check out these statistics from the May 2005 Forbes report: 691 Billionaires exist in the world. In India, there are 61,000 millionaires. In the year 2003, 1,400 people each day become millionaires.

Are you the next millionaire? Always challenge yourself to make more money whether it's your first million or fifth million.
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