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What Goes On Atop A Boardroom Table

Aug 27, 2008
It seems something of an extreme statement but wars have been won, and lost, over boardroom tables. Decisions that affect our very being are made atop boardroom tables and the things that authorities decide will govern the very lives of the people are all thrashed out over a boardroom table.

Of course, what goes on in the office down the road may well have no effect on you but think higher. Think about the authorities that govern our health care. When it comes to our health, we have an ache or a pain and we go to the doctors where we expect him to put it right. No prescription he gives, no test he orders and no consultant he refers us to is going to be available without decisions that have previously been decided via a panel on a boardroom table.

The healthcare is one arena in the UK that has substantial meetings to decide where funds are allocated. These are big decision s for all involved and take some careful planning due to the fact that they have the nations lives in their hands. Press reports recently decry the actions of these authorities because funds for cancer medication have been withheld. It's easy for patients to see this in terms of their own individual health concerns but authorities have to look at the bigger picture and see that if they agree for one, they must agree for all and unfortunately, funds are not that readily available.

There are boardroom meetings taking place all over the world in architects and planner's offices that decide what will be built, where it will be built, who will build it, who will use it, how much it will cost, all manner of decisions. We may think this has no impact on us, but a few years down the line we can look around us and see that our comfortable little area has turned into a concrete city with the building of new properties or industrial areas. Therefore, the decisions of a town planner's boardroom table certainly do have an effect on us.

We can look higher still to the Government. Their everyday activity goes on around a boardroom table and these people make major, life changing alterations to us. They decide petty things such as the colour of the lines painted on the road to whether or not we should declare war on another country. Indeed, all wars are debated and thrashed out over boardroom tables on both sides of the battle lines.

All these decisions, whether small scale or world changing, take more than one persons input and decision making skills. This is what necessitates a boardroom table. To get all involved parties in one place and all necessary paperwork to hand makes the whole job a lot easier. Boardrooms are normally kept free of clutter with a simple boardroom table and fairly comfortable chairs available which helps everyone to keep their mind on the decisions at hand.

When companies invite others in to discuss business, the majority of this will take place round a boardroom table. Therefore, a good impression has to be made. Simple, classic furnishings are usual and a table the size of the pre-judged necessary proportions will be in place. Of course, as a business grows so does the need for the aforementioned office furniture.

So, when it comes to choosing your office furniture, think big, think about the importance of the boardroom table other than its basic function and assume things will grow.
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Office planning expert Catherine Harvey looks at the importance of the boardroom table when planning office furniture.
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