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The Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation In Online Business

Aug 27, 2008
Today the internet is most probably the most widely used information resource on the planet. In addition, email has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. As a result of the huge swathes of people using the internet on a regular basis, online business has become a vital part of any company's development plan. Part of courting online business requires a process of search engine optimisation. This is because the majority of internet users use search engines to find services and products by simply typing in certain keywords or phrases. The large use of search engines has meant that an entire industry has been built with the objective of placing client's websites at the top of rankings.

Currently, internet experts estimate that there are around four billion websites online today. Understandably the chances of a potential customer finding your business amongst this gargantuan number is small, hence employing search engine optimisation services is vital in order to attract business. With some key terms returning search results in the millions, the value of effective online marketing cannot be underestimated making the optimisation process vital.

Normally the process of optimisation requires professional assistance for it to be performed effectively. Expert knowledge is vital to take advantage of the regularly changing search engine algorithms and methodology. A good SEO specialist will also make it clear that the optimisation process is not about manipulation of results, but instead complying with search engine rules so that a website or page is deemed the most relevant and hence will rank higher.

Industry insiders are certain that optimisation is the most effective online advertising strategy. Recently a survey was produced that claimed that of the traffic received by e-commerce websites, around eighty five percent came through search engine referrals, predominantly from Google. As a result, optimisation is deemed by many to be the most effective and worthy form of online marketing investment.

Search engines are here to stay as a way of trawling the internet for information, products or services. Current estimates believe that eighty percent of internet use is through engine means; subsequently, any online business strategy that does not take this into account is likely to fail in its efforts. For greater sales levels and website hits, optimisation is vital in attracting visitors and hence, custom.

The organic means of optimisation is regarded by some to be the most important although the importance of sponsored links cannot be underestimated. Pay per click advertising means that companies pay per hit from results for a specific search term. While organic methods are seen as more beneficial in some industries, paid results are a viable alternative.

As the number of websites will continue to increase, having a website that tops the rankings is rarely accidental. More likely is that a concerted effort has been made to optimise the site so that the search engines view it as the most relevant and useful place for a particular search term. Some estimates believe that most searchers do not go lower than the top three listings and hence getting in this top three is the ultimate objective. This will take a great deal of time but will be ultimately worthwhile in securing large amounts of online trade.

Today search engine optimisation is an important part of any online business strategy worth its salt. As more and more businesses utilise SEO services, the importance of having an effective and efficient team of specialists cannot be underestimated. In a cutthroat world, topping the rankings means that your site will be chosen over competitors' regularly, resulting in greater profits.
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Internet marketing expert Thomas Pretty looks into the importance of search engine optimisation in the world of online business.
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