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Cuba cigars simply come first

Aug 27, 2008
You might have not touched them or even seen them, but I can guarantee you that you've heard about them. I'm talking about Cuban cigars, one of the best things ever created in history and it also happens to be the biggest export of Cuba. Besides that, a Cuban cigar represents class, power, sophistication and more importantly, success. Let's find out why Cuban cigars are so special.

Cuban cigars and the whole process involved to create Cuban cigars is nothing short of a beautiful art form. From the picking of the tobacco and growing (Cultivation) it to the hundred percent hand labor that goes in producing these beauties, it's truly a phenomenal process. So when you are giving out Cuban cigars as gifts, it is a very good idea.

Yes the Cuban tobacco might be thousands of years old, the tradition of cigar rolling that we know today can be traced as far back as five centuries. If you keep doing one thing for five hundred years you are bound to become the best at it, an expert if you may. Cubans are hands down the best cigar rollers in the world and have been blessed with the best temperatures too.

Plus each Cuban cigar brand is different and offers it's own unique taste and style. Most people think that Cuban cigars are one type of cigars, but their are over twenty different type of brands that come with the Cuban cigar persona. Plus when they first started spreading around, it was the elite in our society that understood the whole sophistication behind the Cuban cigar and that taste if offers the palette.

So who gets these Cuban cigars? After all, who is the Cuban cigar 'person' and why would he or she get a Cuban cigar? The person who gets the Cuban cigar or smokes them is the person who wants the best in life. Cuban cigar is the best kind of tobacco and pure tobacco in the world. No fillers no crap like cigarettes, it's simply the best of all kinds. If you want the best from this life, Cuban cigars should be part of your arsenal.
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