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How To Decide Where To Host Your Website

Aug 27, 2008
When starting a new website, you need to decide where it will be hosted. This refers to where on the internet the site "lives". A website has to have a place where it resides, just like an individual or family. It may be a house, apartment, condo, or motorhome, but there is one place they call "home" at any given moment.

Websites are the same way. Websites live on web servers, which are computers attached the internet and which store web pages for people to view. The computer which stores a website is called a "web host".

One major decision is whether to use a free or paid web host.

Using of the free services sounds like a good idea, because not only is the price right, many of them feature easy-to-use web creation tools. Though there are good reasons to use them, you should not do so for your primary sites. Besides showing ads, some of the services are known for deleting your sites for no apparent reason, and there is always the risk of the service shutting down. In either case, you lose the hard work put into building the site.

For your paid site, you can either buy space yourself or if you use the services of a web designer, they will often arrange or provide it for you as part of your fee. There are many capable web hosts available. When selecting a web host, you should consider the following:

Price: what is it going to cost you to host the site, not only in base service fees but also for any additional services you may require?

Reliability: does the company have a history of problems with keeping sites up? Try and look beyond the actual out of pocket cost of hosting and gauge what it will cost if your site goes down for any period of time.

Cpanel: you should not consider any web host that does not offer cpanel for configuration.
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