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Keywords - 3 Most Important Things In Good Keywords

Aug 27, 2008
The most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making money online is doing good keyword research. This is the piece that so many people miss, don't understand, or just fail to do. This is the key between failing and making money online.

When you are doing keyword research you want to look for these 3 things in a good keyword.

1. People are actually searching for your keyword
2. Competition but not too much competition
3. Someway to monetize the keyword

Number one is the one I found most difficult to figure out in my own internet marketing endeavors. You used to have to use free tools like Good Keywords, or the free wordtracker tool, or to get even more accurate results you'd have to use a paid service or buy expensive software. Now keyword research is much easier since Google itself is now providing us with that information. All you have to do is go to the Google Adwords External Keyword tool. You will see once you put your keyword in that a bunch of other keywords will come back and you will see how often they are being searched on.

Competition is tough. Everyone decides on competition a little differently. Most people look at the amount of competing pages any given keyword has in Google. To do this you just put your keyword in a Google search with quotes around it. This will tell you how many other sites are fighting for result placement for this term.

You can also check the page rank of the top sites, and see how many links there are to the site. These are also important factors in competition. The sites at the top of the listing your get when you do the search are the actual sites you will be competing against for top placement. If you can win the link building game you can take the top position, with a well optimized site no matter how many competing pages.

Monetization. You want to make sure once you get traffic to your site you can turn it into money. You can monetize your keywords with adsense, or with affiliate products, just make sure you have some way to turn that targeted traffic into money.

You will find internet marketing is much easier when you do keyword research first. Using good keywords will get your site laser targeted traffic and will make your job of converting traffic to sales much easier.
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