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Ecommerce For Making a Living

Aug 27, 2008
One of the primary advantages to an online business is the fact that when a customer orders a product you are virtually assured payment. In a cashless ecommerce environment you and your customer rely on electronic fund transfers as opposed to a check that may bounce or cash that could be counterfeit.

Admittedly these issues may be thought of as small, but there are thousands of check recovery services that work to claim money for a client that was not available when a customer wrote the original check. In an online environment you can develop a checkout system that relies on assured funds transferred immediately to your account.

If a customer wants to make a purchase, but has no available funds or credit they can't buy from your online store. It's pretty simple. Some will transfer funds to a PayPal account and use that type of account to pay for an online purchase, but again this is electronic and assured funds.

One other benefit to online shopping from a business owner's perspective is there is no availability to shoplift. In a brick and mortar store there are plenty of options an individual could use to take items and leave the store. In an online environment they can look, but they can't touch or remove any item from your online store.

An online environment provides an opportunity for you to sell your products or services at the best price simply because you don't have to worry about a loss of income for a customer's insufficient funds nor do you have to worry about how many items may be stolen from your store.

This environment really is one of the safest arenas for the purchase of items. Safe for you and safe for your customer.

When you take a look at the fact that it often takes less money to start an online business and the assurance of guaranteed payment it is not difficult to concede that this format for business provides one of the least invasive losses in business.

Ecommerce provides the atmosphere and tools needed to conduct a business that can be managed with fewer employees and without the aid of physical security officers. You may have online security issues that need to be addressed, but online product loses are effectively eliminated.

The reasons to consider an ecommerce solution are many. Some tangible and others intangible, but the greatest reason to consider an online environment for your business model is simply because there is so much flexibility with a greatly reduced overhead. You can take your idea to the entire planet and rejoice in things like currency conversion programs that take the guesswork out of how much an international client needs to pay for your item using their currency of choice.

Oh, and if you needed more reason to consider ecommerce you might think about the ability to have time away when you need it, the availability of a 24 hour a day storefront that does not close down even on the holidays, and the fact that home sweet home could be the place where you also make your living.
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