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Moneymaking and the Benefits of Synergy

Aug 27, 2008
As I write this I have a small plumbing and remodeling project going on. I contracted with a reputable carpenter who has the skills to do the job I need done. Well, not exactly. He has the carpentry skills required, but not the plumbing. The gentleman sought out a plumber he likes dealing with and has the plumber (and a helper) managing the new shower installation while he takes care of the carpentry work surrounding the plumbing.

Because the carpenter needed some help he also brought in a secondary carpenter to help him with demolition and reconstruction. In essence one call has resulted in at least four qualified people managing the construction project upstairs.

This is the value of moneymaking ideas in relation to networking. Let's say, for example, you have a lawnmower and weed whacker. You can manage a lot of mowing, but there may be times when a landscaper may need someone like you to clean up an area they will be working in. Let them know you're available to manage those duties. In turn you may find a client who needs landscaping you can bring in your landscaping friend and work with him or her to develop the idea for the client.

There is synergy in networking. You are likely to be able to accomplish more and branch out in new directions when you consent to blend your moneymaking idea with the skills others can bring to a project.

Different combinations can result in different skill sets. Ultimately by joining forces with others you can tap into a larger consumer base and a greater earnings potential. You don't have to go it alone.

It can be easy to think of a business as a lonely enterprise designed for a single entrepreneur to develop one idea and make it work for every circumstance. The truth is your idea can be a unique business 'plug and play' that will allow others to see the possibilities in adapting your work to blend with theirs.

Think of people like John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Both were brilliant on their own, but together they formed a unique musical partnership that was bigger than themselves. When you added Ringo Star and George Harrison you had a musical force that impressed millions.

Why do you think large companies have entire teams dedicated to merger and acquisitions? They are interested in tapping into the abilities of another organization that will help them achieve positive gains throughout the entire company.

Synergy is a key component to business building. It's like merging several individual chords together to form a rope. The ultimate strength of that bonding far surpasses an individual strands.

Learn to collaborate with others to achieve a mutually beneficial end result. When you insist on going it alone you will likely find that you will have plenty of work to do, but it may be a more lonely affair than if you invite a few other qualified individuals to the table who have skills and abilities that compliment your own.
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