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How to Build a Resume: Cover Letter Building and Posting

Aug 27, 2008
Most of the people say that a cover letter will be of good use for catching the attention of employer. But how does cover letter build empoyer's attention? This mini-tutorial is the answer.

A cover letter provides and introduction to a potential employer in a personalized way. This letter can accomplish things which are not possible for a resume. This letter helps you to communicate with the employer and attract his attention; it lets you tell the employer your personal and technical skills. It makes him analyze what exactly your attitude is. It lets the employer know that you have an intuition to excel; it gives him a satisfactory feeling and makes him confirm that you are the ideal person for doing that job.

How to build a resume and a successful cover letter for resume? This task is quite simple and can be achieved if you follow some basic points. A cover letter should not be too elaborate. It should be written in the same paper which was used for the vitae.

Cover letter for your resume should always be typewritten. This letter should be addressed to the concerned employer. You should not user MR or MRS for the particular employer without knowing the person. Doing like this can get you into trouble, misaddressing can lead to resume rejection.

A cover letter should always have a date. It should also have your phone number below your address. This phone number makes the employers job simple, he will be able to call you for an interview without seeing the resume. You should complete this letter with sincerely quote at the end. This quote shows how responsible you are and makes the employer understand his duty. Sign below the quote with a blue or black pen.

The main part of the letter is its content. It is the heart of the letter. Create the content straight to the point. Mention the position you are applying for and reference number from the jobs posting. It's always good if you post the location where you saw this posting. Always try to please the employer. Tips: build some text in this manner "please consider this application for the position of".

In the second paragraph of your letter tell the employer why you want to work at their firm. Show him your strengths so that he feels you are the right person for the job. You can also write your past experiences for impressing the employer. Include experiences based on the employer's requirement.

Finally close the letter briefly. Tell the prospective employer when you can meet him for an interview. Never write this ending in a negative manner, don't use "if". Always think that you will be called for an interview. Finally you have reached the end of your cover letter, now don't staple this letter with your CV and send to concerned employer. Try to put a clip to the resume and cover letter, fold it and keep in the envelope. Finally address the employer properly and send it.
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