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The Mystery of Mastering Motivation

Aug 27, 2008
Each of us, at one point or the other, could use an extra dose of motivation. Those of us building internet businesses are no exception. As you know, there is no easy "business in a box". The reasons so many fail are the floundering around and losing sight of the goal, becoming frustrated and losing focus, and then giving up. Learning to be motivated can eliminate all the above and keep us persevering towards the goal of a successful internet business!

Motivation is an integral daily component in long term success in any business or goal. The ability to stay focused, committed and resolute are common characteristics of motivated people but even the highest achiever will admit that it is difficult to stay motivated without frequent inspiration.

There are 4 keys to staying motivated:
A) Write down your goals
B) Review these goals frequently
C) Measure and compare your progress towards the goals
D) Surround yourself with positive influences

Okay, now we have "the goal". We've researched and learned the required steps in acquiring our goal. Now, before we become overwhelmed, we must break the goal down into achievable parts.

Short term "sprints" towards your long term objective are the key. No marathon runner looks at the race as a 26.2 run. They think of the race as an accumulation of smaller sprints, with a dash for the finish at the end.

By breaking down your objectives into smaller goals (sprints), you make them more psychologically attainable, as well as less monumental and massive.

Use your sprints to build a plan that consists of measurable activities. Write them down on a calendar. By building your plan and reviewing it regularly, you'll be able to keep your focus.

Measure and Compare
You can't improve it if you don't measure it. You can control activities, but not the results.

Sometimes, no matter how closely you have followed your action plan, you still miss the mark. Why is this? Since your goals are a stretch for you, you can't envision the exact outcome. This is when it is important to stick to your plan. If you do and are consistent, you will eventually experience your desired growth.

Stay Disciplined
By consistently pushing toward your goal, you'll develop mental muscle memory the stuff that pulls you through when sticking to your plan gets tough.

Make Motivation Your Lifestyle.
What are you reading, listening to and watching? Everything that you choose to surround yourself with is an influence on your behavior so consider your lifestyle. Plan now to attend goal affirming events. By putting events on your calendar in advance, you'll be able to evaluate last minute invitations much better and won't be tempted by every invitation.

Journaling is a key to keeping your life and plan in perspective. In addition to providing time for you to reflect on each day, it is also an invaluable opportunity to gain a true perspective on yourself. After a year or two, you'll be able to look back at your writing as an objective observer and see how far your motivation has taken you.
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