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How I've Built my 40k List

Aug 27, 2008
Throughout the last year I've tested many different ways to build my optin list. Some worked well, others didn't work at all. An overview on the best methods to build a huge opt-in list can be found in this article.

Have you ever wondered how those Top listbuilders got their huge lists? Don't wonder, read this article and you'll understand why some people struggle to get signups and others are getting tons of signups each day.

There are different methods to build your list and as a beginner you should start with the most basic methods. The listbuilding beginner should set his first goal of getting 1000 opt-in subscribers. Once you have a list of 1000 people you have more marketing power and your list will grow much faster. The best methods to be used for getting the first 1000 subscribers are Traffic Exchanges, Credit Based Safelists and Giveaway Events. With these 3 simple methods you can build up a list of 1000 subscribers in as little as 2 months.

The next step is to set your goal to 10.000 subscribers. This of course needs some more marketing techniques. Once you have a list of 1000 subscribers you can start to do ad-swaps with other marketers so that each of you gets more signups. You should also start your own Giveaway Event or even your own Membership Site.

For me the 2 best listbuilding methods so far were starting my own Giveaway Events and launching my own Membership Sites. The reason why these 2 are so good is because they include an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are great listbuilders for the owner but also do they offer huge benefits for the affiliates.

If you want to build up huge lists of 50.000 or even more subscribers, then you need to have your own products or membership sites. Through a product or membership site launch you list can grow by 10.000 signups in one week. Also will these give you a steady growth of your list, because finally it all comes down to how many signups you get every day.

So I hope you like the here described methods for building your opt-in list. Once you have experienced the power of a product launch, you'll agree that this is the most powerful listbuilding technique on the planet.

All you need to do now is to take action. Go out there and get the signups for your opt-in list. It's a lot of work that you need to do once but the profits will be there for months to come because you can always send out a promotion to your list and make sales for an affiliate product. Also several promotion methods will result in long term traffic which means you get more and more signups to your list.

An increasing number of signups means more promotion power and more income for you. Imagine having a 40k list... what kind of Joint Ventures you could do to easily grow your list to 100k.

So it all starts out slowly but it can grow to a huge income. The money is in the list, that's what everybodys says and I won't tell you different!
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