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Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

Aug 27, 2008
Many affiliate advertisers think that selling a product that is being vendored by thousands- if not millions- of their fellow colleagues will make matters much more grueling for them. After all, they will be contending for the same patron. They will be promoting the same item. And the need for the product is never endless.

This, on the other hand, is the incorrect mentality.

Even if you will be contending with 10 million associates, you can still be on top.


Allow me to demonstrate to you the secret of the top affiliates on the web nowadays. This enigma is, simply, what launches them to the very summit of the ladder.

It's called the USP, an abbreviation for one of the most important weapons in marketing: the unique selling proposition.

The unique selling proposition, as you can splendidly understand, is consisted of three words: 1) unique; 2) selling; and 3) proposition.

The USP should be distinct, meaning, it should be anything that you - and YOU SOLELY- will be displaying. Nobody else should promote for the same concept. Nobody else should bait the market with the same model.

The definitive target of the USP is to sell, to obtain an earning. Often, you will have to spend for the USP. However, you should ensure that a profitable ROI would be made. Affiliate marketing is an enterprise. You shouldn't be losing resources.

The USP is a proposition, an offer, something that you will show to your target market. Therefore, the USP should be a thing they will perceive enticing. The USP should be one thing that will be tough for them to refuse.

If you will present your affiliate item with a wonderful USP, people will choose to purchase from you instead of purchasing from other affiliates advertising the same merchandise.

Creating your particular USP is really a cool process. All you have to do is to procure deviations to your deal that your aimed market will surely want. Here are some examples of proven USPs:

- Enclosing the affiliate article with the colleague's own articles;
- Offering discounts, which will be removed from the fee that the affiliate will be given to;
- Providing upcoming cut rates which can be shouldered by the payment the member will be given to;

- Providing association to an private club that will be allowed some perks.

With any luck, the above examples will inspire you to come about with a truly moving USP.
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