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Home Business Data Entry Clerk Job - What Is A Data Entry Job?

Aug 28, 2008
You may have heard the hype about data entry clerk jobs, but how true are they? Can you really make lots of money with a data entry job? In this article you will discover what is data entry, and how you can get a data work at home job.

Points I Cover In This Article:
* What is a data entry job?
* Types of data entry jobs
* How to find data entry jobs

* What Is A Data Entry Job?
In its simplest definition, data entry work is entering data. Data entry companies are companies that either need vast amount of data simplified or they are a company that deals with outsourcing. Usually these outsourcing companies will get a lot of work from a lot of small and large companies that need that data simplified.

The simplification is usually adding that data into a spreadsheet or summarizing in a form. For example, a company may have thousands of respondents to a contest. This information needs people to add that data into a spreadsheet for example, so that the company can mail them back.

* Types Of Data Entry Jobs
There are several types of data entry work. Some may be geared towards sorting paperwork, into groups. Some maybe focused on data entry onto a computer. Most of these positions will be done either in offices or via working from home.

Online data entry jobs are becoming more and more popular. As people are finding the internet offers easy access to people who want this kind of work, it becomes easier for you also to find these positions.

* How To Find Data Entry Jobs
Be careful of the places that want money before giving you the work. I can understand from the company's point of view - after all, if you won't pay for it, you likely will not do the work. However, in most cases this can be signs of a scam. So, be careful!

Your choice will come down to your needs. For example, do you want to find data entry employment where you have to go and work at an office or would you prefer to work from home?

A point that is important to bring up is to be weary of the hype. I often hear statements such as data entry earns you thousands of dollars. Now, it can, however, in most cases it won't. This is manual work, where people need data entry skills. The important skills in this line of work are attention to detail, accuracy, and speed.

If you have these skills, you will be more likely to get a position with data entry. Finding places that offer legitimate work can be difficult. Most places require that accuracy, and attention to detail, which is hard to discover unless a person is working in close contact with the employer.
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