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Passive Income Ideas For Work At Home Parents

Aug 28, 2008
So you're a stay at home mom (or dad). You decided that for you, your family comes first, period. You don't regret it for a second and you wouldn't trade the experience of being there for your kids whenever they need you for anything in the world.

However, it would be nice to be able to contribute to the household income; every family can use a little extra money and you'd like to be able to do your part to defray the expenses of keeping the household running and maybe set a little aside in your children's college fund. But you don't want to have to leave the home; you'd need daycare and worst of all, you might miss some of those landmark moments in your child's development.

However, there are passive income ideas for work at home parents to use; you can bring in a little extra money, even while you sleep! With some work, you can even grow this to become the primary income source for your family!

One of the best ways to make passive income is to start your own affiliate marketing business. You can make money this way while you take the kids to the park. To start with, you're going to need a website. While you can be an affiliate marketer, even a successful one without a website, this requires a much larger investment of time and effort.

It's not as hard as you might think to build a website - there are lots of tools and tutorials online to help you put together an attractive, professional looking site easily. Make your site on a topic which you already know about - suppose that you're an expert on birdhouses. You can share your knowledge with the world on your website.

The next step is to find a merchant offering an affiliate program who sells birdhouses, bird feeders; you get the idea - something which is relevant to your site. You place a link to the merchant's website on yours and every time a visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase from the merchant's site, you will receive a commission!

You'll need to make sure your site gets a lot of visitors to maximize this income though. You can do this by creating good, informative content which is entertaining to read for your site - try to think like someone who is looking for a birdhouse or whatever product you are marketing.

Then think about how you would search for this product on Google or other search engines. Incorporate this phrase into your site's content in order to make it easier for people to find via the search engines; this will give you an increase in web traffic and with it, bigger commissions. This is a great method for making passive income as a work from home parent.

There is far more to the field of affiliate marketing; you'll need to do some research on the topic yourself - but in a nutshell, the information in this article is how the business works and can, with a relatively small investment of time and money, make you passive income, even while you sleep!
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