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How to Use Click Trust to Turn Clicks into Customers

Aug 17, 2007
Are you one of those online marketers that are scratching your head because you cannot understand why you have such a large readership of your blog or newszines etc. yet you have a very low click through rate on your links? Usually this means your sales are very low as well.

There is a very successful concept called "click trust" that will help you to increase your clicks and to increase your sales! No one is talking about click trust; none of the big marketers are producing reports or tutorials on this because it is one of their last big secrets!

Good copy is their first. Hypnotic sales pitches, emotional hooks, letting the suspense build and answering all the negatives about a product are all important but these things are used on the sales letters more then on your blog posts or newsletter articles. You need to learn how to motivate a click out of your reader.

First off you need to be very clear on the action you want your reader to take. No matter what you are writing, from a blog post to an article to a newsletter piece, you want to be clear with yourself "before you write anything" what action you want the reader to take. The action we are talking about here is the click. When you focus on that your writing becomes clearer.

Your job as a blog, newsletter or article writer is to keep the readers attention, keep them coming back to you and feed them content they want. Why? What do you get out of this work? You get the clicks. Clicks that will become sales and a certain percentage of the time those sales will become customers (repeat sales).

What is the deciding factor for a reader to click? Is it because you have poured your heart into a description of a product and what it would do for them and their issue? Is it because you have told them about the great price reduction or the time limit on that good deal? Is it because of your great hypnotic sales pitch that hooked into their emotions? Or is it because of their trust in you?

Trust is far more important then the quality of content that you give a reader. You can have a quality packed article that will only be half read and only half taken seriously unless you have gained the readers trust. Then you have to contend with those readers being very aware of a link being a sales pitch. A surfer will trust only their prior experiences on the net. You have to get them to trust you.

The easiest way to get trust in a reader is to give them quality content. Good now you have them coming back time and time again to read your content. How do you get them to want to click off to another site, to a sales pitch, a sales letter and to other content? You bring the reader through a series of clicks that are no or low risk, that are obviously not a sales pitch and that get the reader clicking.

Click trust is a process where you place content or the continuation of content onto another page on your site. It is very important that this content be on the same site and the url be something that is readable, motivational, and fodder for search engines too. You might have a link like "How to use Click Trust to turn clicks into Customers" or you might simply say "Your Free Click Report Go Here". Spend some time with that link title to be sure that even it builds trust.

So produce keyword reports, articles, tutorials etc. and place them off of your main blog page on your site. You will link to these reports from your newsletters. Build up the suspense and trust in the report and send them off with a very well worded click to the report. Do this on every post you make. Do this often. Your readers will start to trust you and trust that clicking links in your content is a good thing. Their mind is trained to make the decision to click vs. being wary of the click.

Every now and again you are going to slip in an affiliate link. There is two ways to do this, using a mouseover text so that the surfer does not see the affiliate link or better yet to link to a page on your site with an instant redirect that uses your affiliate link.

Use click trust to your advantage. Get your readers used to moving around and following your links to get their content. Click trust will increase your clicks through to your affiliate or product page because they trust you. Increasing the clicks is the first step to increasing the sales. You are not blindly sending clicks, not trying to fool them into getting to the product page; instead you are teaching them that you are someone that sends them to quality pages.
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Susanna Strandberg is the Affiliate Manager for Banabu.com and an accomplished web marketer. She excels at helping people to success. Her role as Affiliate Manager is opportunity for Susanna to teach people to "think marketing" instead of following marketing.
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