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Mastering Content Leverage: How To Supercharge Your Website's Effectiveness

Aug 17, 2007
Ok, so you've spent hours slaving over a hot computer writing content for your website. Now it's time to take what you've created and leverage it with some simple strategies that will have profound results.

What we are going to do is leverage your existing content and turn it into articles which you can upload to the top article directories for other website publishers to use on their websites. But not just any old articles...we are going to turn what you've written into 'super articles'.

Here's how...

You probably already know that writing and submitting articles to article directories is a good strategy for attracting website visitors. Nothing new there. You also know that articles can often be picked up by hundreds or thousands of other websites and used as content all over the web. You can become a 'Guru' in your niche market in a very short period of time using this strategy.

So if articles are a great way of generating visitors, and you've already written lots of great content for your website, why not put the two together and leverage your work a little? Why just use your content once when you can spread it around and put it to use hundreds of times? Your article will be seen by many more readers who are potential buyers of your products or services.

Plus you'll have an incoming link from each article on other people's websites to yours, increasing your link popularity and ultimately Google PageRank, both of which are very important if you are trying to get high search engine rankings (which you want of course).

Writing and submitting articles is one of the highest leverage activities you will invest your time in as you build your website. It will give you a massive edge over other sites in your niche if you do it correctly.

So, here are the steps...

Step 1. Take an existing article or story you've written for your website and change it into a 'How To' type of article. For example, your German shepherd dog website's article on potty training new puppies would become 'Three Simple Steps To Potty Training Your New Puppy.'

You change your article for two reasons.

One, because you don't want what's called duplicate content exactly the same as yours on thousands of other websites. It's OK if other webmasters all take your article and have duplicate content on their websites, you just don't want exactly the same article on yours...

The other reason is that 'How To' articles are the most popular with readers. People are looking for specific steps they can take now to get a result. Give them clear instructions that provide the information they are looking for and they will read your articles and recommend them to their friends as well.

Step 2. Put a 'Resource Box' at the bottom of each article directing people to a page where you can capture their name and email address and tell them why they should visit and subscribe to receive something of value.

Most people get this part totally wrong. DO NOT simply direct people to your website in your article's resource box and hope they will do what you want them to do. Only give them one choice - subscribe to a list to grab a free report, mini course or something else of value, or not.

By sending people to a page where they have a choice of either subscribing or not subscribing such as your home page, most will do nothing and you've wasted a valuable article. Create an irresistible offer that your readers will be compelled to request and subscribe to get, and your articles will bring in lots of very targeted visitors for years to come.

And the most important thing is that these visitors will get to know and trust you over time as you build a relationship with them through the email messages you send them once they subscribe to receive your report or mini course. In this way, you are truly leveraging your content and over time you will create multiple streams of targeted visitors to your website.
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