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Accept Credit Card To Increase Your Sales

Aug 28, 2008
In today's internet market, it really isn't possible to run any business that does not accept credit cards online; to make ecommerce possible this had to happen. With orders that can be taken at anytime of the day, there is no point in restricting business by only accepting a check or money order; mainly because it delays completing the order. It is hard work getting loyal customers so you don't want to lose them; caring about what your customers want is the key to success.

You need to have a way to take a payment instantly so you can get your product or service up and out the door as soon as your customer orders it. Websites in the business of making money make sure that they accept credit cards online so ordering from them is simple and painless; companies have realized just how important this is. The amount of time your website has been up and running is immaterial, as your customers will be unaware of your origins. This should not stop you from organizing online payments before the website is completed.

It is possible and quite normal to use more than one method to accept credit cards online; however, due to the cost involved in setting up some of these, many site owners are reluctant to use all of them. Because it is possible to use more than one method to accept credit cards online, many larger internet businesses use more than one system to attract additional customers.

The advent of Paypal

You can have a system that takes the card numbers much like they do in retail stores; alternatively you can use the system that many sites now use called Paypal. Paypal was started by ebay and although it requires the buyer to have an account, most people who buy products online now have an account as it is free and easy to set up.

With Paypal, an account is created for the payment process and a number of credit and debit cards can be used within the account; once you have an account with them, payments are very quick. You must ensure you present your visitors with a secure setting if you want to accept online payments; you need to ensure they trust you when they arrive at your site so they do not leave it, worried about purchasing from you.

This means that the transaction is encrypted so that their information is not broadcast around the Internet for those who may take those numbers for their own use. You can see an https:// beginning to any web address that has a secure setting. If you want to accept credit cards online you have to have this facility or your customers will most definitely think twice before they put their information in your ordering system. With internet fraud being one of the top concerns on the internet it is your responsibility to make your customers feel safe and secure when they place an order otherwise they will leave and order elsewhere.
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