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Sell Yourself As An Expert To Prospects

Aug 28, 2008
It is the ultimate goal of any sales marketing strategy: to be the biggest name in the business, the one that people immediately pull up in their mind when they think about an expert in the field. Of course everyone wants to be that guy whose name is synonymous with knowledge and expertise, but very few achieve it.

Here's a story for you to think about. A man comes into the office of a so-called marketing guru. He says to him, \"You're the best, most successful man in word of mouth marketing, but I've searched all over for your results. You never had any major campaigns, you never published anything, how can you possibly claim that you're the best in the business?\"

aWell,a says the department head in response, \"let me ask you how you heard about our business.\" He pauses to let it sink in. \"Obviously the word-of-mouth marketing campaign we use to advertise our own business is working!a The customer understands that the expert has proven his point.

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to being known as an expert in your field. First is being the best so that people automatically think of you first. Or, you can sell yourself so that people think of you first. The end result is really the same.

Now, how do you achieve this goal? It may not be the easiest thing to do, but you can learn how to develop the kind of reputation that will bring customers calling. What all the best-known experts in any given field have in common is that they have learned this trick.

The people who become experts in their fields are certainly experts in one sense: they are the masters of self-marketing. They may have picked up this skill by participating in a seminar or by watching another expert operate their business.

To make people see you as the expert, you have to behave as if you were an expert. You've certainly heard the saying, \"fake it until you make it\", and it is especially true in marketing. Act as if you have something to contribute. Websites and free email lists may give you an audience for your advice, and if it is good these people will come back for more.

Confidence and self branding can give you an edge in any field. By making a name for yourself, you can create a situation where customers and clients come to you, eliminating the need for you to go out and chase them. Needless to say, this will be a huge advantage to your business. Successfully branding yourself as the expert is the key to building a business, so get started today!
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