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Job Searching in the 21st Century - It's Different Out There

Aug 28, 2008
You knew it would happen eventually. You tried to lay the groundwork, readying yourself mentally and financially. You braced yourself for change. But are you really ready to start job searching?

If you haven't looked for a new position in years, you're in for a surprise because technology and the Internet have changed the art of job hunting dramatically. And, in most ways, for the better.

Job Searching, Then and Now

The last time most of us made a job or career change, we did it by scanning newspaper ads and bulletin boards or making cold calls on companies in the hopes they might have an opening.

Now, the Internet is where most career advice is sought and most job searching takes place.

Then, you might have interviewed multiple times with dozens of employers until the magical match happened. Or not.

Now, hirers and recruiters know a great deal about you and your qualifications before you even approach them, so you only interview for jobs that actually suit you. Less time wasted with better outcomes for all.

Then, companies did their own hiring and it was up to you to make each one of them aware of your availability.

Now, many companies use recruitment consultants, which means just one agency can open doors to hundreds of potential employers. Plus they often have access to jobs that haven't even been advertised yet.

So, how do you enter this new world of job searching and take advantage of all it has to offer you and your career? Let's move around to the other side of the recruitment desk for a moment.

Advice For Job Searching Today

Recruitment agencies are a good place to start job searching because they have access to so many openings at so many companies. Some agencies even specialize in particular industries, like IT or finance, so the odds of them having a good position for you are even better.

But imagine the challenges those recruiters face: multiple jobs to be filled; thousands of potential candidates and CVs to sort out; the pressure of deciding who gets an interview and who doesn't. It's easy to imagine your paper CV slipping behind the filing cabinet, never to be seen again. Just as easy to imagine your emailed resume getting lost in the shuffle.

That's why it's more important than ever to have a clear, concise and up-to-date CV with all your relevant information and not too much fluff. To stand out from the crowd you need to create a CV gives real reasons why you are highly employable and worth taking a chance on. Then it's just a matter of perfecting your interview technique.

The pluses are, with online job searching, you've really got the world at your fingertips, and once recruiters have discovered your wonderful CV you shouldn't have too much trouble getting interviews. The challenge is to get that CV right in the first place, so be sure to make use of the best resources and tailor a CV which will work for you in the 21st century. Good luck!
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