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Free and Easy Way to Earn Extra Cash Online Starting Right Now

Aug 28, 2008
Everybody could use some more even if they are millionaires! I am talking about extra cash, of course. If you have been online for some time, you will see an innumerable amount of advertisement for generating cash online. Unfortunately, most of them are designed to simply take cash from you, not help you get more. If you want a fool-proof method do create extra cash online anytime you wish, this article is for you.

This report is created to help you to access the free systems that are already online, to generate extra cash flow within the next 30 days. Allow me to walk you through a simple step-by-step method that will get results. This is not a bunch of out-dated hype, but actual proven steps that I have taken to earn extra cash online for myself. It will work for you no matter where in the world you are right now. To qualify, you must have access to the Internet, and be able to get US dollar cheques in the mail and deposit them to your bank account.

Step 1. Apply For Free Accounts at Clickbank, Amazon, and Commission Junction

These are all free affiliate programs that you can join right now that will pay you commissions to sell their products. ClickBank is very popular, and has over 11,000 downloadable products you can sell. ClickBank will pay you commission between 25% and 75% per sale. Amazon.com sells digital as well as physical products and will pay you between 4% - 8.5% commission for each sale. CJ.com is also free to join and pays commissions for sales you make.

All three will help you to sell their products that people actually want to buy. I will show you to sell them in a short while. Once you have confirmed your memberships with these companies you will be ready to create extra cash from these market places. You will profit from your knowledge and efforts without having to spend any money at all.

2. Open a free squidoo.com account, research your topic, and build lenses

Go over to squidoo.com and starting building lens. There are many advantages to building lens (web pages) at squidoo.com. First of all they are free. Then,search engines really love these pages. This means that more people will find your lens quickly and you can get a lot of free help from their forum. Before you start though, you should know what topic you want to build your lens around. Make sure that there are products from at least one of the merchants above, that relate to your lens topic. It makes little sense to build a lens without the ability to create extra cash from it, unless you just want to do this for fun.

Now you need to research your topic. You should get familiar with keywords. This is how people will find your lens on the Internet. As an example, I use the term "web hosting secrets" in one of my lens. At last search on Google, with the quotes included, this phrase had over 3,340 competing sites. This is perfect for me. Make sure your keywords do not have over 15,000 competing websites.

Try to use keywords that relate to your lens site. For some quick help on this, go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and put in your main keywords. When you have about 40 keywords on your topic, go to squidoo and build your free lens on your topic. Try to include short paragraphs, and lots of pictures. Write like you are talking to your friend. Check for accuracy, and get rid of all grammatical errors.

3. You Can Now Promote Your Lens Using Free Articles

Once you have your first lens, you will need to promote it. You can find some good examples at squidoo. Take a close look at how people are building lens by browsing the top 100 lens for example, and then try to emulate them. Also, provide useful information for your readers. They will love you for your attention to detail.

Now, let us move onto the matter of promoting your lens. You should write several articles around your main keywords and then submit them to the top article directories online. A few that come to mind are ezinearticles.com, articlealley.com, articledashboard.com, buzzle.com, and so on. Ensure that your articles are good but do not give away all your secrets here. You will want your readers to hunger for more information. That is why they will go to your lens. Remember that you are trying to create extra cash online through your lens, so do not try to solve all your readers problems for free in an article.

4. Repeat the Process by building More Lens.

This simple method is working for many people from all over the globe. Did you notice that you do not need domain names, websites, or anything that cost money? Later on, when you become more successful, you can add to these as you see fit. Hopefully you will remember me, and look me up. You are supposed to laugh at this point. But, I hope you are getting the picture here. What you really want to do now is to get your lens ranking high in the search engines so more people will find them.

As you promote your lens, you will start making sales. Got over to squidutils.com to spruce up your lens, and always check on the top 100 lens to see what they are doing. In your articles biography section, do point your readers to your lens. That is the whole purpose behind the articles. This will only work though, if your article is related to what you are trying to sell then in your lens. So there you have it. You can create extra cash without spending any cash. The more lens you build, the more money you will make. Just use this article as a guide and build on it when you become more experienced.
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Anthony Chambers has built and publish several excellent lens on squidoo.com that will help you earn extra cash online without breaking your bank account. Discover how to profit from them today by visiting one of his more famous lens at: Create Extra Cash Online
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