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Advanced Article Marketing For Massive Website Promotion Traffic

Aug 28, 2008
Many will agree to no end. Article Marketing can be one of the single most effective ways to build traffic through website promotion. It helps in not only giving your readers interesting news and information about your specific niche, but it also has many search engine marketing benefits as well. Below are tips to getting the most free traffic from every article you write followed by a complete guide.

1. Write your articles to spark interest. Writing just a bunch of fluff never fools anyone. In the Internet Marketing world, content is king, and it is the quality of content that separates you from king (or queen) or pauper. Keep this in mind in every word that you write. You are writing for a purpose, not to build content.

2. Your articles title is extremely important in your search engine rankings and for grabbing your readers attention. It should contain both the main keywords your article is meant to rank for and also get the unbreakable attention from the reader. It is this killer combination that will have your visitors knocking down your virtual door.

3. Think on terms of your readers. Does your article answer a question to a likely problem? Does your article inflict emotion, whether it be happiness, sadness, anxiety or ambition? The age old phrase goes "Motion Creates Emotion". This is true to what you write, you want to play on the emotions of your reader to encourage them to take action. This not only works in the online world, but also in the retail world.

4. Save your articles! Every single article you write, save for future use. Later on you can use these articles for all sort of information products such as e-books, e-mail mini-courses, plr content, dvds, audio recordings and so forth. Your articles are intellectual property, so make sure they continue to make you money even after you initially use them. This is a great method for post article marketing.

5. Use both an automated service as manual submission to submit your articles. Every article you write, manually submit and also use a paid automated submission service. This ensures a well-rounded article marketing approach to your web promotion efforts. Also if possible, re-word your articles just slightly every few postings, this can help the freshness and originality of your content.

6. When submitting articles for article marketing, later on go back and submit your articles to social bookmarking websites like del.icio.us and Digg.com, these are great ways to give each of your articles a little boost in traffic. Also remember to turn each article in to a squidoo lens as well.

7. Use bullet points or numbers to organize your articles. Using lists helps you create clean, easy-to-read content and gives the readers exactly what they want.
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