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Plumber Training - The Basic Need Of Perfect Plumbing

Aug 28, 2008
A plumber is a person who plans, implements, preserves, visits, and fixes any kind of plumbing system, repairs, instruments and assists in housing and commercial buildings or societies. Apart from a regular career like engineering, medicine, software, etc., plumbing has come up as a good option for those who have the required skills and interest.

Although most of us think that plumbing is normally called as one of the "Pipistrel" but now, in modern times, it is also recognized as a highly skilled and specialized job. One must have specialized skills and knowledge to be a perfectionist in this field. To become a skilled plumber it is very essential for a person to undergo wide training program and obtain a recognized degree of a plumber training school. If one chooses to be a plumber, the person needs a training program to become a professional or perfect plumber. Such plumber training programs are offered by various institutions, organizations and companies.

Getting admission in some of these organizations becomes a herculean task for a few people, as the candidates have to undergo a test and interview. The candidate has to first pass a common test which verifies his ability to work on easy mathematical problems. Such common tests are conducted to test the measurement and calculation skills of the person as these are regarded as the keystones of plumbing.

The plumber training program is basically of three years which consist of 144 hours of course schedule. In some countries the duration of this plumber training program is for four to five years. Some organizations offer short duration courses of 2-5 days. This plumber training program is based on the primary education of plumbing, basic principles and skills which are used for home buildings work. This plumber training course includes training on the topics like basic principles of plumbing, efficient use of equipments and instruments, safety measures workplaces, and some other similar topics. Such plumber training courses include theoretical as well as practical training which is very essential. The students get their degree of plumbing on the basis of written exams, demonstrations of their skills, observation of their teachers and their appraisals.

Today there is huge shortage of plumbers in our society which has immensely increased the interest of people to join plumber training schools. According to the "Times of India" this shortage had immense effect on the economy of our society as the wages of the plumbers have also increased inevitable. Roughly if we calculate there are 20,000 plumbers needed in India at wages of 300/- Rs per day.

In short, we can conclude by saying that plumber training courses help the interested people to gain the necessary skills and knowledge regarding plumbing. One may also set up his own firm after completion of this plumbing training program.
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