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Five Reasons Why Articles Are So Powerful to Write for Internet Marketing

Aug 28, 2008
People have used the written word for thousands of years to convey information and to persuade others to take on a desired action. In this article, you'll learn 5 reasons why articles are such a powerful tool in the world of Internet Marketing.

Why is Article Writing Such a Great Tool for Internet Marketing?

Here's why writing articles is such a powerful tool to have in your web arsenal:

* Build your Reputation. People will perceive you as an authority on the subject. Articles are a great way to build your credibility and authority on a subject area. Let's say you sell real estate and you know it inside and out. Unless somebody sits down and talks to you, they may never learn what you know. The truth is, there are many people out there that are capable of doing what you're doing. The money making potential here is that only you are actually working on your building your reputation. Your competition might be stiff on a one-to-one comparison, but if your writing attracts interested buyers first, well, let's hope your competition doesn't get wind of how you're reeling them in. Writing articles is a great way to market yourself on the Internet!

* Build a Buzz. People only know what you tell them! Help build the buzz for your Product or Services yourself. The more content you have on your site, the larger it is, the better it will perform on search engine rankings and the more it will come up in searches.

* Cheap form of Marketing. Imagine the opportunity for marketing without having to spend a lot of your time or money doing it. While you can still spend money on targeted advertising, picture the success you could have with your business if leads come across articles you've penned? The great thing about the Internet is that it's such a cheap venue for publication! You can set up your own site and market your services and/or products via all the articles you want and only have to pay minimal hosting fees.

* Reel Them In! A great way to use articles that you post online to your site is to include a link to it in one of your newsletters or e-mails (i.e. 'To learn more about this, click here!'). You can also post your articles on other sites with links back to your site where those interested can learn more about what you have to offer.

* Form a Community. Think about some of your favorite sites and what makes them stick out in your mind. Content probably comes up #1 for most of them. You, too, can change your web presence from being so-so to a thriving 24 hour round the clock community by providing more on your site such as helpful articles or a forum. The more people visit your site for information, the more likely they are to develop an interest in your services or products.

Now that we've laid out exactly why writing articles is such a powerful tool in Internet Marketing, we hope you'll get on the bandwagon before your competition does and write, write, write!
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