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How You Can Stop Working To Make Others Wealthy

Aug 28, 2008
If you don't want to commute to work and do the daily 9 to 5 grind, then what are your other options? A business, of course! There are many legitimate companies out there that need independent contractors to help distribute their goods or services to consumers. There are multi-level marketing opportunities that want people like you to get the word out about their many products. These businesses can be in a wide array of industries: real estate, health and beauty, insurance, and many more. Often times, these companies will require a small fee to be registered into their database as a licensed distributor for their company. These multi-level marketing companies will then hold meetings that will show you how to market their items and how to find your customers.

However, you need to be cautious before signing up for ANY type of business opportunity. Extreme caution and thorough company research must be performed, because while there are many legitimate business opportunities available, there are also some that will get you nowhere. Some opportunities have been labeled as "pyramid schemes", where money is exchanged just to enroll as many people into the program as possible without the actual exchange of goods or services occurring. Do a lot of research about a company before attending a meeting so you know what to expect, but don't take people's reviews of a business as the truth without seeing for yourself how the business works. Keep an open mind at the opportunity meeting, but take notes and ask a lot of questions. Some key questions to ask are how you, as an independent contractor, will get paid and how their multi-level system really works. If you are still unsure, attend a couple more meetings before you make your decision.

Your other option is to look into opening up your own business, such as a restaurant, a sports equipment store, or bakery, or to purchase a franchise. Start a business about something that you love rather than focusing on how much money you will make. Your biggest concern would be in how to get funding for this sort of operation, but there are resources available. Check out your local Small Business Administration for more information on how to choose which business is right for you, how to make a business plan, apply for a start-up loan, and what you need to do to get everything in order. They have many instructional and how-to booklets and pamphlets that can assist you every step of the way. Another idea for a business would be to make a store online. Find a supplier that will sell you brand name, sellable items at a bulk rate, and sell those goods online through an online marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, or make your own website.

The possibilities are endless. Firing your boss and working for yourself can be attained by anyone who has enough desire, passion, and motivation to do something different with their life.
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