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How To Find Signs Of Lack Of Perserverance In Business?

Aug 28, 2008
A predominant fear if failure tops the list of such signs. The inseparable outcome of this disease comprises paralyzing inactivity, the abject apathy. One simply gropes as if in the dark without knowing what one actually wants to do.

The following symptoms are common:

Tendency to give up at the first sign of difficulty.

Lack of initiative.

Lack of will power.

Habit of putting off things till tomorrow without any valid reasons.

Searching for an easy route to success.

Habit of blaming others for one's failure.

Unwillingness to pay the price for achievement.

Majority of people go through life without even being aware of this great quality, of perseverance. Even if one knows, due to the adverse influence of environment and education, one thinks it is beyond one's power of acquisition.

Let us have a close look at you and see if you are a victim of lack of persistence.

Write out 'yes' or 'no'.

1. I believe that my fate is predetermined.

2. I am indifferent to my economic status.

3. I don't know what I actually want.

4. I don't like taking initiative for grasping an opportunity.

5. I am very much afraid of failure.

6. I know exactly the persons and circumstances responsible for my failure.

7. I lack will power.

8. I am in search of some short-cut to success.

9. I don't have any organized plan of action.

10. I think I should wait for better time to come.

11. I wish there should be no difficulty on my way to success.

12. I think there is no use of trying any more.

13. I think this course is impracticable.

14. I think luck does not favors me.

15. I think it is impossible for me due to my old age/lack of experience/education.

16. I think entrepreneurship is very difficult for me.

For each 'yes' above add minus one and plus one for each 'no'. Now add up the score. If the score is ten plus one your success is guaranteed. I less, you need to take corrective steps.

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Results of a new study find that yoga is beneficial to survive in business .The study released, found that 8 weeks of a yoga routine proved very helpful for patients in depressed in business, as well as reducing inflammation often linked with death.

Approximately 5 million people living in America have the condition and rely on medication to aid their depression in performing properly.

"Many people believe the addition of yoga may be beneficial in breath rehabilitation," said the researchers, whose findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American mental Association. "Furthermore, it may be that yoga has an impact on the mechanisms of action involved in the progression of brain failure."

Facing the business troubles are not in the field, but it is in the mind.Yoy will be success in your business when you get good steps.You can get all the steps for free at my blog.
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David is a yoga guru for several institutions,and has written articles on how to improve health and will power and is the author of the revealing new teachniques at his blog on Will power.You can get more will power tips at his blog.
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