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Google AdSense: Earn Extra Cash on your Website

Aug 28, 2008
If you are an Internet business owner then you are quite familiar with the power of advertising online. Perhaps you are advertising through Google Adwords. Google Adwords drives traffic to your website. You pay each time a person clicks on your Google Adwords advertisement.

Did you know Google also lets you make money by displaying advertisements on your website that are from other Internet businesses? Google allows you to do this by participating in Google AdSense. This has been an easy way for many Internet businesses to earn extra cash.

How does Google AdSense work? Google AdSense works from a different perspective. You sign up for a free account with Google. Google allows you to place advertisements on your own website. If an Internet visitor clicks on this advertisement on your website then Google will pay you money. This is one way webmasters can earn money from their website.

How do you put the Google advertisements on your website? Google will provide you with the html code.
What are the topics of the Google advertisements on your website? Google has code that will generate advertisements that relate to your website topic.

You can also post articles on your website that contain Google AdSense advertisements. You put the Google AdSense advertisement in the middle of the article. This prompts users to click on the Google AdSense advertisement as they are reading through your article. It is an efficient and effective way to earn money from Google AdSense.

Where does Google place the advertisements on the website? You specify the general location of the advertisements. A great area to place the Google advertisements is along the right hand side of the screen. Why? The right hand side of the screen tends to attract the eyes of a website visitor.

Which keywords should I use? Some keywords cost more than others for the advertisers. Therefore, the amount you earn in Google Advertisements can range from a few cents per click to several dollars per click.

The customer comes to your website through your Google Adwords advertisements. Once the customer is at your website they are likely to click on more links. Therefore, you can pay for your Google Adwords campaign through your Google AdSense campaign. For example, you may spend $1,000 in Google Adwords, but you make $2,000 off of Google AdSense.

Check out Google AdSense today. It is a simple way to earn extra cash and help pay for your advertising in Google Adwords.
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