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How You Can Fire Your Boss

Aug 28, 2008
What do you do when you find yourself in a dead end job? It would be okay to stay with a job that will not take you higher up the corporate ladder if you are fine with it, but what should you do when you want more out of your career? Many, many people find themselves at a turning point in their life when they suddenly realize that they want more out of their career. While there are some people who actually are doing what they like, a lot of people go on about their lives working at a place they don't really like to work at.

They get lazy and even start to despise their job but are unwilling and unmotivated to look for a better option. Living paycheck to paycheck is accepted as a way of life and betterment is not sought after. But for those few who feel a calling elsewhere, the idea of a new career is very, very exciting. Call it a mid-life crisis or call it an awakening when the urge hits you, it hits you hard, and you feel this surge of excitement and motivation that you have not felt in a long time.

Do you want to fire your boss? Trust me. Many people want to do that. Many people want to be able to walk in to their jobs and tell their boss that they quit. Before any firing can occur, however, you must find a job, business, or other means of replacing your current income. You can't just fire your boss and expect not to work ever. Obviously, bills have to be paid, and you've got to eat sometime!

If you are planning on looking for another job, then you have to take into consideration what your skills are. Are you organized, friendly, courteous and think you would do well in a customer-service position? Are you a go-getter, motivated, and adventurous and think you would do well in a sales job? If you went to college and have a degree in, then that is even better! Research shows that people who have a degree in the field get paid up to 70% more than their uneducated counterparts.

If you do not have a degree, then consider taking some classes at the community college in your area for a couple of years. There are many options and a college counselor can help direct you in the right path. You might have to take an assessment test of some sort that will help determine the right job for your personality type and your personal needs.
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