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Unlock the Power of Google Adwords

Aug 28, 2008
Do you have a marketing plan in place for your Internet business? What type of marketing avenues do you use? Where do you advertise? What customers do you target? It is a good idea to review your marketing plan even if you already have one in place. Why? You may not be reaching out to the right customers in the right places at the right times.

One way to find the right customers in the right places at the right times is to engage in a Google Adwords campaign. What is Google Adwords? It is a way to advertise your product or services on the Internet. Essentially, it enables you to target quality customers through the Internet. It is a powerful marketing tool because 89% of Internet users search through the Google search engine.

Have you run a search in Google? The Google Adwords advertisements are those advertisements along the right hand side of the search results page. It advertisements are under the "Sponsor Links" headings.

Why aren't the links in the basic search results? The reason is that those links are links that Google has found on the Internet. Those links are based on how Google ranks your website.

Google Adwords are called "Sponsor Links" because you pay for them. However, the payment system is very different from most advertising plans. In Google Adwords you "bid" for advertisement placement. Your "bid" is the amount of money you are willing to pay-per-click. In other words, you pay Google each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

There is no cost to setting up an account. The only time you pay money is if somebody actually clinks on the link in your advertisement. The beauty of it is that your advertisements reach quality customers. In other words, a customer runs a search on Google. Let's say they search the keywords of "Dog Training". Your advertisement would only appear in the "Sponsor Links" section if your advertisement was related to dog training. Therefore, the customer is already looking for your product or service when your advertisement pops up.

Advertising in this manner saves you time and money. Another example would be real estate. Let's say you have a real estate website. Google Adwords enables you to target customers by location. You can specify what geographic areas you want to see your advertisement. For example, you may only want to display your website to customers searching for real estate in Chicago.

You always have the option of displaying advertisements to any location around the world. Do keep in mind that 90% of Internet buyers come from the United States, 5% from Canada, 2.5% from the UK, and 2.5% from Australia.

Unlock the power of Google Adwords and your client list will explode with quality customers. A quality customer leads to increased profit.
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