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My #1 Top Tip on How To Use Community Forums

Aug 28, 2008
A community forum online is a group of people on the internet who share a common interest and meet online to post user generated content. They are also referred to as discussion forums and they offer a tremendous resource to internet marketers to make a lot of money.

How much money?

Would you believe that there are people who make more money in one month doing forum marketing than their relatives make in a year! When you think about that statement it should make you want to learn the number one way to use community forums to your benefit.

Let's think about a few ways you can benefit from these types of forms.

1. You can learn from all the different discussions that go on. There are forums all over the Internet for every imaginable theme that you can think of. These discussion forums are great resources for providing information and do not cost anything to join them.

You can ask questions and read the replies. You can sit in the shadows and read the various discussion posts that are currently going on.

You can even join in the discussion by posting answers as you gain confidence. Being a part of the discussion is a great way to learn more about a particular topic that you are interested in.

2. You can make a lot of friends in discussion forums. Social networking has gained a lot of momentum recently, but community forums have been online for several years. They are a great place to make friends, and to create business partnerships known as joint ventures. They call them community forums because there is a real sense of community and friendship in them.

3. I think the number one way that you can use community forms to your benefit is to brand yourself as an expert on something. They are excellent in ways to develop credibility, which in turn you can springboard into promoting your business in a passive way.

The way you do that is by participating in discussions and being helpful without selling. This is the key to making money in discussion forums.

You become a trusted expert and let your signature file to the selling for you. You can also post things about your business and your profile where people can learn a little more about you too.

As you become more of an expert having a very simple signature file that directs people to your website is a great way to increase traffic and then convert some of that into profitable business.
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