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Selling Your Expertise By Selling Information Products

Aug 28, 2008
Do you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but fear that you don't have the skills, money or ideas you need? The truth is that no matter where you live or what you do for a living, you already have the tools to succeed. Right now, millions of people are selling information products for almost 100% pure profit. And with very little effort and no money down, you can be too.

So what exactly is an information product? "An information product is any product or service that you can sell to people that provides them with information," says marketing strategist Stefanie Hartman. "What do you know that the rest of us don't?"

By putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you could produce a salable information product. A simple how-to ebook, CD-Rom, DVD or seminar series based on your knowledge can become a reality in as little as a few days. Voila! You now have an information product to sell. You can train other people to do what you already know how to do and make ten times what you're already making.

Your information product can be life-focused or business-focused. Either way, it takes very little to get started, and can bring you huge revenues. What's truly valuable is the information you produce - information that can help others to achieve their goals. In the meantime, you're achieving your own goal of financial success.

"Say you sold your $100 ebook to 200 people," says Hartman. "That's $20,000 with almost no overhead. You email a digital document that probably only took you a weekend to create! Create something once, update it regularly, and you can sell it again and again. That's the edge a quality information product can give you."
To be successful in the world of information products, start by thinking about what would make you buy your own product.

You would need to believe that this product had something of real value to offer you, right? You'd need to believe that the person who created it really knew what he or she was talking about. You'd want to buy from an expert. So, to sell an information product, you must first position yourself as an expert.

"Positioning yourself as an expert allows you to become a big fish in a very small pond," explains Hartman. Anyone can offer advice, but far fewer people can offer expert advice. Do your research and list your credentials. Explain to your customers why it is that you have the information they'll need to improve their life or business. Perhaps your expertise is in writing or designing educational programs. Partner with another expert - a doctor, a personal trainer, an interior designer - to create and sell an information product that boasts the knowledge of not one but two experts!

The bottom line? There is a world of opportunity just waiting for you. By positioning yourself as an expert and developing a valuable information product, you can quickly rise to the ranks of the most successful of entrepreneurs.
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