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Unleash The Power Of An RSS Feed

Aug 28, 2008
There are a couple of different ways you can use RSS feeds to your benefit. In just a minute we're going to take a look at those and how they can be a source of traffic to you whether you are the one writing the content or not.

1. If you are not blogging, you're missing an excellent opportunity to bring traffic to your website. This traffic can come so many different ways you can not even imagine all of it.

For starters, search engines love blogs and they can drive so much traffic to your site and the nice thing is it doesn't even cost you anything except your time. If you hired a writer you wouldn't even have to write the blog posts themselves.

When the traffic arrives at your blog they should find an RSS button right at the top where they can easily subscribe to your RSS Feed. You now have a subscriber that will be notified every time you make a new blog post.

This can also serve as a reminder that they need to stop back by your blog and check out everything you offer. If you write thought provoking, interesting, humorous, etc. content, you can build a very large subscriber base of readers from your RSS feed.

2. Another thing you can do is feed content into your blog without having to write it yourself. This is very easy to do and only involves placing a little bit of code into your blog template itself.

The benefit of this is you will have fresh content updated on a regular basis. You determine where you could want the content to go and what kind of content you are going to subscribe to.

3. You can do a combination of the two and really clean up on future potential traffic. By feeding content in from other sources it takes the pressure off of you to write. By providing fresh content of your own it allows you to create even more content and really have control over the type of articles that are coming into your blog.

This should give you some ideas on the power of having an RSS feed where people can find it, and to feed content into your blog from other sources. We are only in the beginning stages of the true potential in terms of traffic generation from sources such as RSS feeds. If you are not taking advantage of these sorts of things you need to get on board quickly.
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