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The 5 Minute Ebook Authoring Technique

Aug 17, 2007
What if you could get the toughest part of writing your ebook completed in just 5 minutes? Imagine being able to sit down and bang out a report of substance with just a short amount of time.

The "5 Minute Authoring Technique" is all about creating an information product for your niche market in as short a time as possible. Now, I'm not going to claim that you can write the "great American novel", but you are going to be able to rapidly produce quality information in an accelerated time.

You must also realize, that this technique works best with a very specific topic or niche in mind. You must focus on your topic and pinpoint it like a laser beam during surgery. So, if you're ready to write your first ebook using the "5 Minute Authoring Technique", let us begin ...

Preparation: Take out a pen and paper, or launch your favorite word processor. The ideas are going to come fast and furious so you need to be able to get them down as quickly as possible. Be sure not to edit anything at this point. Keep an open mind and let the process work, regardless of how ridiculous things may seem or even how bad they may seem.

You also need to start with a very specific topic in mind. Your topic must be narrow enough to keep your focus and complete your project quickly.

Minute 1: We are going to start with a headline for your ebook. When you do this exercise I want to you to think of all the magazine headlines you see when you are checking out at the grocery store. Magazine editors are masters of creating excellent headlines. They have just minutes to convince you to drop their publication into your cart and they do it through the headlines on their covers.

Write down every single headline you can think of regarding your topic. Use headlines like: "5 Ways to Get Your XXX to X"; "The Secrets about X that They Don't Want You to Know About"; "Make X Like a Superstar/professional"; "Do You Know The Dangers Of X?" and so on.

I personally like list type headlines because they offer you some real direction in the next set of steps. However, you should be creative and write down everything that comes to mind.

Minute 2: For the next 60 seconds you are going to review your headlines from step 1. Pick the one that best meets your goal in publishing your ebook. For me this is sometimes nothing more than reading the headlines out loud and getting a real "feel" for them. One or two will generally jump out as being better and more exciting than the others.

Once you've found the headline or two that you'd like you can correct any grammar or reword it to suit your needs. You might even find yourself combining multiple headlines into one, or into one main headline with a sub-headline. This is perfectly fine. Take this reworked headline and put it on a page by itself.

Minute 3: Now it's time to brainstorm at least 3 and as many as 10 descriptive sentences to back up your main headline. Again, with this step you don't wan to edit anything - just write.

Your goal in this minute is to generate as many ideas about the arguments you will present, the topics you will use to support your claim, or the items you want to describe in your book or report.

For example, let's say that I've chosen the headline "5 Reasons Why You Must Publish Your Own Ebook". Since this is a list-style headline I would come up with the 5 reasons I stated. These should be basic, one sentence sub-headlines that support the main headline. I might include something like: "Be a recognized expert in your field"; "Promote Your Affiliate Products"; "Attract visitors to your website by giving away your ebook for free"; "Increasing your revenue through ebook sales"; and "Generate revenue through back end sales".

Minute 4: Now, for each of the sub-topics you have written down in the previous step, you should write at least 2 supporting sentences. Make these short.

For the topic of "Be a recognized expert in your field" I might jot down a couple of sentences like "Experts sell more products"; "Experts get quoted"; "Experts get links back to their websites"; "Experts attract search engine traffic".

Minute 5: Now, take one minute to simple edit and polish the items that you have written down. By now you should have a page or two of excellent ideas in an organized, almost outline fashion, that you can work with.

However, since we weren't editing our ideas before, now is the time to clean things up a bit. Cross out the lines that you don't like. Add new ideas if they strike you. Combine ideas or headlines to make new ones.

After this exercise you will have the basis for any good informational product. Your task now is to simply flesh out the items you have in your list. As little as two or three brief paragraphs about each item can quickly fill several pages and give you a concise, yet substantial ebook that you can promote.

Remember that people pay for quality, not quantity. So, if your ebook is just 10 or 20 pages long, but filled with truly useful information, then people will gladly pay for it.

Use this 5 minute technique to jump-start any ebook, article, or report that you need to publish. It's a technique that has worked for me over and over again and makes the writing process go quickly. It helps overcome writer's block and produces excellent results in minimal time.
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