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How A Search Engine Works?

Aug 28, 2008
The world is now becoming more global and everything is in the access of every person. The person who knows how to use internet can access anything he want with the help of internet. In this regard search engine provides you the best facility and also provides you the access to your required thing.

The internet is just the combination of real as well as virtual world too. The search engine contains huge number of files and data, along with the server which is used to control all the data of sites and also to maintain the search engine's data as well. All over the world, google is the only search engine that is having its monopoly in the filed of search engines.

Websites are being updated by google on regular basis and along with that they are also being ranked by the search engine. Every search engine has its own criteria of listing and ranking the websites so that people can see those websites according to their rankings in the search results. Keywords are used by almost every website which is being ranked in the search engine. Meta tags are used to tag those keywords with the website so that search engine can recognize those keywords and according to the data and design of the website the search engine would rank a website on its page.

Another important technique is being used nearly by every website that is search engine optimized. With the help of this technique, website design, data and ranking can be increased and this technique forces the google to take your website to the starting pages so that your website could be ranked at first page against the number of keywords.

The search engine updates every website's ranking on regular basis so that if someone do an illegal activity or any other activity which is found as violating the laws of search engine either directly or indirectly; such kind of websites are being banned by the search engine on the spot.

So, the policies of search engines are getting harder and harder day by day. This thing is not good for the webmaster but it is good for the internet users so that in this regard the user would get the verified and quality thing from the internet and can do the best use of that information. The benefit of internet is worthless; if you get un-reliable and poor quality information then it is compulsory for the search engines to have hard restrictions so that every user can get reliable and good quality information through the search engine.
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