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FAQ About Free Affiliate Marketing Ebooks

Aug 17, 2007
In off line retail business the location is nr. 1 issue but in the internet business it is the information.

How can I pick those ebooks, which are useful for me?

Think simply. What you need is information for your internet business, which works. The rest is simply useless. So read only affiliate marketing ebooks, which are written by appreciated and well known authors in the internet.

How can I find authors, which are good ones?

Go to discussion forums like WarriorForum or AssociatePrograms forum and read posts of site moderators or marketers, who are appreciated there. Normally these professionals have years experience of working ebooks

Then just look, which authors they recommend and which affiliate marketing ebooks are their favorites and your list will start to grow.

Is the reading more important than doing?

Absolutely. It is clear that by reading affiliate marketing ebooks you can make your business plan. When you have picked the target and the strategy, you can start doing.
But you should never start doing anything without knowing, why.

What to do, if I just do not like reading?

By reading ebooks, you can avoid one of the worst errors in internet marketing: to run your internet business doing details without knowing, why are you doing this. Sounds like a formula to sure disaster.

Can I distribute affiliate marketing ebooks to my site visitors?

Of course, quality ebooks are for mutual pleasure. By giving ebook as a gift to your website visitor, you give him a reason to visit your site another time. When a visitor sees that you do things for him, you become useful to him.

Free affiliate marketing ebooks are royalty free. That means that the author has given the permission to distribute them freely.

Where else can I use ebooks?

Digital products are fantastic because they can be used and distributed in so many ways. You can distribute ebooks by emails, forums sig files, your blogs etc.

A very useful way is to use ebooks in relationship building. You can distribute them to the optin email list and to everybody with whom you are in contact, because they are so useful.

Or use them as a gift, which you give to those, who subscribe your newsletter. Affiliate marketing ebooks can be on the pop over of the site.
Use all promotional ways, where you can put a link.

Why do I still pay for ebooks?

You do not have to. Follow the answers above and you will get handful of good quality affiliate marketing ebooks for free. In the internet, free means different thing than off line. Website templates are free, images are free, articles like this one, are free etc. Also ebooks are available for free, which is a great help for us all.

How shall I pick ebooks, that I give to my visitors?

It is good to give only those affiliate marketing ebooks, which you have read and sawn useful. Think also that the recommended ebooks are easy to read and meant to those, who run internet home businesses
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