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Is There Less Opportunity Today Than There Was In The Past?

Aug 28, 2008
You may have asked yourself, if there are fewer opportunities today, than there was in the past. You may have heard someone else comment about it. However, how true is this statement? And is this statement holding you down or helping you?

To answer this question, we have to look where it is based. We will also need to have a look at today, and the past, to be able to see if there are fewer opportunities or more opportunities today.

The question usually stems from when people look around today, and they see all the inventions that have been brought into our everyday reality. You may look and see the cars on roads, computers on the desk, websites all over the net, and wonder if there are still any opportunities.

The past however was very different, than it is today. Consider for a moment, all the great inventions were not invented when Jesus was around. There were no cars, there were no airplanes, and there were none of the standards of living that we all share today.

This makes room for invention; however, often we can forget certain points. When I was asked this question of opportunity, the other day, I simply had to write about it. You see, most people will hold from taking action, because of such beliefs.

Life is growth, and when we hit the limits of one kind of opportunity, a new kind of opportunity will open up for you. We can see this in our own society. First electronics, then computers, and now the internet, and mobile communication.

You see, in the past, there were people with more opportunity, yes, opportunity was everywhere. However, most people could not act on that opportunity. Borrowing money was not as easily accessible as it is today.

Buying a home was not as easily possible, as it is today. Today everyone can access credit. We see all over the world, everyone has some kind of credit card. And most people buy a home, through mortgaging.

In the past, this was not possible, unless you were born into a privileged position. I am sure, the people in those days, complained about the opportunities, as people do today. But, the real reason to look into this is not to satisfy our thirst, but how this information affects you.

You see, it is not so much the opportunity issue, but what you make of it. Most people will hold these kinds of values, and thus hinder themselves in finding opportunities. Opportunities exist today as much as in previous years.

For example, anyone can get online, make a million dollars. But, this was not possible in the past. You could not go from earning average wage, to earning super wage. Yes, it can happen, and some people were lucky in the past, but it is not the norm.
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