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Living on Your Tips is Possible

Aug 28, 2008
Are you one of those people living on your tips? It may seem hard to believe that some people do it, but it is possible. Of course you need to be working in a location that gets a ton of customers all the time. It is hard to earn very much in tips if you aren't getting a steady flow of customers.

You don't have to work at a high priced resort or restaurant either. You do need to know your job inside and out though and you do need to enjoy working with people. You definitely need to be able to effectively communicate with all types of people. If you are genuine in your efforts you will certainly earn more in tips than the other people you work with.

The service industry often is an area where customers feel something is lacking. They want the special treatment no matter where they are out. Eating out is a luxury for many people so they expect it to be a worthwhile experience. They expect the wait staff to be on top of things from the moment they walk in the door. Now we all know that there are glitches. The food may take a while to prepare or it simply doesn't taste good.

If you are living on your tips though how do you address such a situation? Easy, you take control of it immediately. You need to accept responsibility for the problem and do all you can to make it right with the customer. Some people are able to earn big tips just by being a good listener. At the end of the night a good bartender can walk away with some serious cash to show for his ability to listen to what is bothering those that approach the bar.

Living on your tips isn't always easy though, and that is definitely true right now with such hard economic times upon us. Consumers seem to be spending less and less on extras due to the rising cost of other things. If you are out there in the job market you already know that is a tight situation too. Don't overlook jobs where you may be able to make some tips though.

Even though your actual paycheck may not be anything to brag about, the tips coming in can more than compensate for it. The good thing is that you always have money in between paydays. You will have the change to wash your laundry, money for lunch, and always money to fill up your gas tank. That is definitely a perk of working at a job where you can make tips.

If you aren't making as much as you would like to though take a serious look at your approach. Find ways in which you can make the occasion more enjoyable for all guests and they will make sure you are well compensated for your efforts. While the work won't always be easy, knowing you are earning enough to pay your bills will help you get through those tough situations that arise.
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