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Why Most Marketers Fail To Pull In Massive Traffic

Aug 28, 2008
How many daily visitors do you get to your sites? 10, 20, 50 or 100? There are a lot of marketers that fall in this range. Many would be ecstatic with 100 visitors every day!

Whereas we talk in tens or hundreds, the top internet marketers talk about thousands of daily visitors. How do they do it? After all, we implement the traffic strategies they recommend and yet we still get nowhere near hundreds, let alone thousands!

Here is the big difference between them and us. When they need traffic they think big traffic, and they invest money into creating large traffic streams.

This is not how we the average marketer think or work. We take one or two strategies and then try to implement them on our own. We invest very little cash and fail to leverage the time and skills of others.

We invest little and think small. The result is a trickle of traffic! Why would you expect it to be any other result? And yet we do! We expect big traffic to materialise and are always disappointed that our latest article did not attract thousands of eager visitors!

Crazy, but sadly true, and that is why so many marketers get disillusioned and quit.

Well I'm not for quitting, and where I have used the terms "we" and "us" above, I'm using them in the past tense. A few months ago I realised that I would never get rich online whilst trying to do everything myself on the cheap. Since that realisation I've spent several hundred dollars outsourcing tasks I had previously spent hours doing myself!

This difference is that the services I'm using are making everything possible on a much larger scale. Blog networks and article distribution services are generating me hundreds of quality inbound links that are improving my rankings and increasing my traffic.

More and more I'm outsourcing content creation which is freeing up a huge chunk of my time. Leveraging the services of others is allowing me to invest my time in planning and research.

Suddenly I can see results and my enthusiasm is high. Changing your mindset to allow you to think big rather than small scale is hugely important. By thinking big, I have put together a strategy that incorporates a little know viral marketing tactic with my new sources of outsourced traffic to generate hundreds of backlinks and visitors. Without a mindset change I would never have put together such an awesome system!

My advice to anyone who wants to succeed online is therefore to start investing more cash into the routine tasks and invest your own time in research and planning. If you plan your investments correctly, you will be rewarded many times over and on a scale you never thought possible!
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