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Gold Jewelry Information And Buying Tips

Aug 29, 2008
Are you looking to buy jewelry made from gold? From karats to online and offline stores, how do you choose the right jewelry made from gold to buy? As you read every word of this article, you will find some great tips to buying gold jewelry.

There are many places that you can go to, to buy jewelry made from gold, and though many are safe, and sell gold jewelry that is what it says it is, it is best to be safe. When buying gold in northern America, look for jewelry retailers that have the logo of Jewelers of America. Outside northern America there will often be an association that has a set of standards for the members. It is a good choice to make sure they have that membership, as it shows in most cases that you are getting what you actually wanted.

When buying gold, you may have heard the word - karats. A Karat, is a way of measuring the pureness of gold jewelry. Because the metal is soft in its pure form and unsuitable for wearing it is often added with other metals to make it stronger. As an example 24 karat gold is pure gold and is very soft. In this state is easily malleable and would likely bend and change shape every time you try to wear it.

24 karat gold is often used for other purposes, such as making CD layers or in computer processors. 18K jewelry is the next level down and is 75% pure, then 12K gold which is half gold and half is other metals. Another karat you may find is 10 karats which is actually only 41.7% pure gold. As you get to the lower percentages the more stronger the jewelry made from gold, but also the less real gold contained within the jewelry. It will be something to consider which type you want to purchase.

Anything below 10 karats is not really classed as gold jewelry, so much so that in the US, it is against the law to label an item as being gold, if it contains less than 10 karats. Even though many are safe, and sell gold jewelry that is what it says it is, it is best to be safe and buy from jewelry retailers with a membership to a jewelry association. This applies online, and the sites will often display such logo's and hallmark information.

All jewelry made from gold will come with a karat mark. If you find jewelry without this mark either online or offline it is best to take it back, as it could end up being an item with no gold in it or one which has less than 10 karats. When you look to buy gold jewelry, you will also see a mark of the jewelry manufacturer. This information is good to know. As jewelry with a known mark is going to be more likely to be a genuine product.
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